Incendium Gaming aquired by Amuka Esports

Incendium Gaming, an organiser of the tournament in the fighting game community (FGC), is officially acquired from Amuka Esports.

As part of its goal to grow niche gaming cultures, Amuka Esports establishes a decentralised esports platform for casual gamers across North America.

Founded in 2019, Incendium Gaming has held 20 branded events ever since. It has been engaged for the development of tournaments for the like of Goml (Get on My Levee) and world games, such as Tekken 7, Street Fighter and Dragon Ball fighters. The organisation based in Canada organised tournaments including Armor Split, the Electric Clash, Tekken World Tour Challenger, and the Capcom Pro Tour Ranking.

Commenting on this acquisition in a statement, Vince Hui, Co-Founder of Incendium Gaming, said: “I have had a passion for fighting games and sharing this passion with friends all my life. When Incendium started, the goal was always to develop the best community that our loyal fighters could afford and to create a friendly atmosphere for new players.

A part of the Amuka Esport eco-system helps us to improve our existing product line-up and focus on new markets in which we have been previously unable to operate. “In recent months, Amuka Esports has invested heavily in the SIX level esports incubator and in both the Professional Gaming Brand and the Canadian Waves E-Gaming platform. It is also not his first FGC cost, which he spent in AXL Gaming in November 2019.