How to Turn on Overwatch cross play using your battle net

Yesterday was a big day for me. The Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge has begun, and Blizzard has released Crossplay features as a surprise! We were expecting them “later in the year,” but not this soon!
Here’s all you need to know about enabling Overwatch Crossplay and playing with Heroes on all platforms in the future

On Overwatch, How Do I Enable Crossplay?
To activate Crossplay in Overwatch, there’s essentially only one thing you need to do. All you have to do is create and/or link a Battle Net account to the platform you’re using. When the update goes live, Crossplay features will already be activated if you’re playing on PC.

All you have to do with consoles is follow these steps:

  • Go to and register a free account.
  • Once you’ve done that, go to Account Settings
  • click on the “Connections” option under Account Settings to link your console.

If you’re playing on a console, you may need to perform these procedures in-game as well…

  • To advance through the Overwatch welcome screen, press the confirmation button on your machine. An alpha-numeric code and a QR code will be shown to you. * The alpha-numeric code can be input at
  • Scanning the QR code using a mobile app will send you to the linked webpage, which will be pre-populated with the code provided in-game.
  • To complete the connection between your console game and your account, log in with your account credentials.
  • You will receive an in-game notice stating that your account has been successfully connected.
  • Playlists for Cross-Progression and Competition

Blizzard hasn’t enabled Crossplay functionality for Competitive playlists, which is a good thing. If you want to play Comp on PC, you’ll be paired with other PC players. If you’re playing on a console, you’ll be grouped with other console players.