GodLike Esports announces new team with Ghatak & Jonathan

GodLike Esports has officially signed the ex-TSM Battlegrounds Mobile India roster, including talents like Ghatak, Jonathan, and others. This dominant BGMI team broke its connections with Team Solomid 4 weeks ago and competing as a separate entity ever since.

Jonathan ‘JonnyL’ Sosa, having the most notable professional experience in League of Legends in India and Asia, has been on the global scene since Season 1. He was at the top of his lane as support for eXtatus (now TSM) with Captain Jack and Chawy (now BGMI). With a promising future ahead, he was forced to leave after Season 2 due to some issues with his visa. He went inactive for a while. However, he has returned to competitive play and is now looking forward to taking their performances to higher grounds.

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Ghatak ‘Riven’ Rathore has been in the competitive landscape for almost as long as JonnyL. His expertise at the top lane was seen at the National Level competitions in India, and his plays inspired many to pick Riven top. When Ghatak was playing professionally with a local team, they were invited by Riot for open qualifiers for Season 2. Unfortunately, he couldn’t join the team due to other commitments and sit out of it. But that didn’t stop him from trying to participate in the following season (aTn’s disbandment made it possible). Currently, he is back with JonnyL and co. and is looking forward to having a successful run.

The remaining 3 players on the team include Gorav ‘ZanQ’ Kumar, Arjun ‘HyperX’ Sharma, and Vikrant ‘Vikky’ Gandhi. ZanQ has been playing since Season 1 and started with the role of support for aCn (now disbanded). He played with JonnyL back in 2012-2013 for eXtatus/TSM as the primary support. He was also part of Big 5 (now disbanded) with Arjun and Vikky before joining BGMI.

Arjun ‘HyperX’ Sharma is a long-time gamer who started playing casually in 2k9 (he was 11 at that time). He got his first taste of competitive play 2 years back on Big 5 and then moved on to The Imperial (now disbanded). He has been playing the AD Carry role for almost 4 years now, and he is looking forward to pushing his limits as a professional player with BGMI.

The last member on the roster is Vikrant ‘Vikky’ Gandhi. He had a brief stint in professional League of Legends when he and Arjun were part of Big 5, but he decided to take a break from competitive play for 2 years before returning back. In that time, he joined the Navy for 3 years after his graduation to see what real life was all about.