Fortnite x Batman: Catwoman and Batman skins leaked before release

Leaks revealed the first glance at the upcoming partnership between Fortnite and Batman, containing all-new skin designs for games.

Fortnite has been renowned to collaborate with significant films and tv displays in the past, such as Marvel’s Avengers and Stranger Things, introducing skin kits to Fortnite with many famous personalities.

The recent cooperation disclosed that Batman and Catwoman’s famous DC Comics superheroes would be the newest to obtain their Fortnite skins in the game.

Fortnite has partnered in the past, as seen with Marvel’s Avengers, with famous films and television displays.

Fans have attempted to get a peek at some of the skins ahead of the complete revelation on September 21 after an announcement clip was uploaded prematurely by Fortnite’s YouTube channel.

The cosmetic collection provided an overview of some of the potential products that will be accessible for games to buy from the item shop like Batman’s Glider, personality skins and more.

Many supporters think from the leaked video that the personality skin of Batman will include the writing features function as the famous superhero has been seen in the teaser with two distinct variants of his costume.

With Batman’s popular grappling gun also mentioned in the uploaded teaser, the presently vaulted Grappler is probable to be able to stick to the match even though it may only be available in Limited-Time Modes.

The complete revelation for the Fortnitex Batman cooperation project will be launched on their new Fortnite YouTube Channel at 1 PM BST/8 AMEST/5 AM PST.