This Fortnite Glitch Gives Unlimited Health

A Fortnite game-breaking flaw was found which enables players to stick around in a storm without receiving damage, offering a clear victory.

There have been some significant bugs since the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, which allow players to quickly level out through their Battle Pass.

The first allows players to gather infinite encounters by accessing the four bridges around the world, and the second allows players to gather free wins if they do not care for their honour.

This feat allows players to stay in the storm without losing energy, so that they can only hang back while the circle closes, without injury.

Most players have done such things before, and Epic won’t have any choice other than to deal with them fast.

FNBRHQ posted a video on how the hack is carried out, which shows how simple it is. You just have to land in the Slurpy Swamp and go to a wall where your wellbeing is continuously restored.

The liquid in this marsh turned out to be hotter than you can think. This is certainly an unfair hole in the play, as it will be very frustrating to lose someone who does this.

The Swashintv client from Twitter took their final moments and revealed a second place due to their bug.

The designers have these new successes in their pockets, and they expect that solutions in the near future will be made.

Epic Games did not address this issue at the time of writing but as it is still going to happen, it will become increasingly difficult to ignore.

If Epic Games wants to patch those two issues, prepare for a hotfix in the future.