Fnatic release their Overwatch roster

Fnatic is the latest team to get out of their Overwatch scene. The Overwatch scene is bubbling with teams leaving the scene mainly for the uncertainty over the upcoming Overwatch League. With Blizzard releasing no information about the OWL and about the price of the teams, there is a lot of uncertainty around the region.

Overwatch has been a big part of our lives for a while now. Back when the game was still only emerging, we were already taking huge strides towards competing on an international scale. It wasn’t until July 2016 though when things really started to come together.

Seven new faces came to the roster and took little time to cement itself within the scene, securing a podium at Gamescom within the first month of being together. We had a lot to shout about, and with the competitive scene continuing to develop, this became the Fnatic team that we knew we wanted to support in conquering North America.

For a number of reasons though, we have taken the decision to release our current roster. It is important to note that we’re not closing the door on Overwatch – we still think it’s an awesome game; one that we hope will grow and thrive in the many years to come. At this point though, we feel it’s best that Fnatic take a step back to evaluate the game as a competitive title and give ourselves a healthy amount of time to explore our options.

What we can say though is that Vonethil will stay with the organisation. He’ll be working with us as a streamer, and working hard to produce some great OW content in the months to come.

Source : Fnatic