Evil Geniuses at +150 in winning CSGO Asia Championships 2019

The CS: GO Asian Championships is scheduled to run in Shanghai from 20 to 24 November and will feature eight teams fighting for first place in the $250,000 draw. Seven of the 8 teams were invited to participate by a Chinese Qualifier with the remaining team.

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The early favourites at IEM Beijing were Evil Geniuses, who did not crack the top four at an impressive showing earlier in the month. Can the Boys in Blue rescue themselves in China this time? Or does a better bet come out on Sunday with the trophy and cash?

TeamOdds to Reach FinalOdds to Win
Evil Geniuses-350+150
ViCi Gaming+5000+10000

EG redemption following the IEM Beijing?

Despite its flatness in China earlier this month at the CS: GO Asia Championship at the IEM in Beijing, there is no question that EG will have something to prove. The first time behind only the eventual winners, Astraliz, was one of the favourites in Beijing.

Yet things seem to be much encouraging for North Americans at this time, since the CS: GO Asia Championships will have only one other team mentioned in the HLTV-10-top. This is not to say that other teams in China couldn’t upset Evil Geniuses and leave them empty again.

If they show the same way they had in IEM Beijing before the month, then they might not even be able to see CS: GO Asia Championship finals, not to mention win everything. Evil Geniuses needs some consistency as it appears that they have difficulty combining a good performance tournament.

They are fine, winning or reaching the final, and then bombing the very next early. Others claim that this is due to a jet lag that might be the case. Ideally the Geniuses won’t lag around in Shanghai this time.

You certainly want to choose both G2 and AVANGAR if you’re hunting for a higher price in a straight winner. These teams are much more likely than the ENCE, the mouse sports and the MiBR that are all listed on a chances table above them to come out with their cup and quarter of a million.

G2 looked extremely impressive, with gains on Na’vi, NiP and North after switch, after adding huNter and nexa to their first ever international roster. If you can bring your A-game into Shanghai, you risk not only achieving the endgame but also winning the race.

In any tournament they enter, on the other hand, AVANGAR is a real threat. They have a quite unique style of play that concentrates on keeping an AWP in Jame’s hands no matter what. Often you see SANJI on an armorless gun so he can lower an AWP for his Russian mount.

They seem to take the best teams off balance a lot of the time with their strange playing style, making them a good wildcard tournament. While I agree that this competition will probably be held by Evil Geniuses, the two teams are worth a look at the CS: GO Asia Championships.

The teams on this squat are not very different from the ones I stressed in the first, as I see really only a handful of teams playing Sunday for all marbles. The groups in this square are not much different from those I outlined first. Evil geniuses are a lock in my mind, which is not one of the two endings because I feel that they are going to win.

The other location I assume will be either G2 or AVANGAR. There are other teams who might have some good games together and finish in the final, maybe ENCE and mouse sports, but over these past few months the two teams have not really progressed, which would have led me to believe it would.

Of course, both have a strong influence on their teams, more like the mousesport than ENCE, but after a race they are constantly ineffective, making it difficult for them to stock up on the finals in Shanghai.