Esports success for Coventry College team

@CoventryCollege’s new esports team celebrated its second place in a 70 team national competition.

The Digital Schoolhouse Super Smash Bros’ finals were narrowly missed by a group of college game design students – known as the Coventry Crimson.

In a variety of teams and individual duels in the fighting game, the competition saw more than 200 students throughout the UK fighting together.

Coventry Crimson secure their place in the finals with a four-game winning strip before the Coronavirus pandemic, but they had to wait seven months to lose 3-1 to Swindon New College.

Their first-time medal is presented to Coventry Crosshairs, the other College sports team who was also named one of the top four College Esports teams in England following the half-final race for the British Esports Association’s Overwatch Tournament.

Garrick Davies was with the band of Coventry Crimson – who played on the Super Smash Bros. The final game – as a supporter and mentor from the very beginning, and celebrated how long the community has come in a few years.

He said After losing the final – that shows how committed they are – the team was unbelievably unpleasing but I reminded them of taking a step back to look at their accomplishments in less than one year.

“The team has recruited new students this year, but we were right to have some of our old Digital School finalists back who had played an important role in getting the side right earlier in the year.

“Coventry Crimson is just over a year old now but here we are building an exciting project – replicating an elite Esports environment – that truly helps to get the next generation of professional sportsmen to work.”

Coventry Crimson’s achievement has coincided with Shoubna Naika-Taylor, team leader at the British Sports Association Esport in Education Summit, who recently represented Coventry College, where she spoke about how sports can be incorporated into a school environment.

She added: “Over the past year the journey of both College Esports teams has increased Esport’s significance in education – not only as a potential profession but also for the other benefits it provides.