launches ‘fan engagement’ platform

UK startup Espo announced the launch in conjunction with the esports fan site, Developed By Gamers, team BDS, BOOM Esports, F2K, GODSENT, and Team Queso. The company has been founded to encourage and support esports fans.

The platform aims to make sports lovers more available by providing unrivaled access through a range of unique Fan Rewards to their favorite teams, pro players, and content creators.

On the launch, Henry James, Espo’s Founder and CEO, spoke in a new version: “We’ve been motivated from the beginning to make it a place for fans who want to get closer to the action than ever before. Today, with six impressive teams that are as committed to upgrading the experience of sports fans beyond the worldly social media presence, we are very happy to launch Espo.

“We aim at being the people and forum who collaborate amongst sports teams, talents, fans and brands to do great things. Espo will accomplish this with its central design to reward cooperation under a common forum between all these parties.”

This website, available worldwide, aims to give over 100 fans perks, including professional sports players, VSD gameplay analysis, team product selection and group tournaments competition.

Each collection of Fan Perks will be available for 30 days in limited supply, with Espo introducing new promotions periodically, involving experiences with partnerships.

Currently, three promotions are being carried out where users can access Fan Perks on the Fortnite and Valorant players of Built By gamers and on the Dota 2 roster of BOOM.

The startup says on Espo’s day of launch it had over 18 000 pre-registered users.

“We are very proud to join Espo and see their platform launched,” says Gary Ongko Putera, the CEO and founder of BOOM Esports. Our enthusiasts will browse BOOM Esports exclusive fan perks and our Dota 2 lists – the biggest move we have ever taken to provide our fans with superior fan commitment and experience.

“As our Dota 2 players noise in the Dota 2 world scene, this is an excellent time to start up our Espo partnership and to provide special access to BOOM Esport and our players for our fans.”