Epic Games react to more problems with Fortnite Turbo Building

Epic Games has discussed allegations that there are still significant problems with Fortnite’s Turbo Building, despite community complaints from developers adjusting the mechanic.

On Tuesday, August 27, when they announced major changes to Turbo Building that saw the room between object placement increase from 0.05 seconds to 0.15 seconds, Epic Games had the community in an uproar, a move that was immediately unpopular.

Fans of the famous battle royale title were so angry that on August 28 the developers were forced to reverse the decision, and while that seemed to be the end of this problem, players report that with Turbo Building something is still wrong.

Posting on Thursday, August 29, a number of players complained that while Epic had said that the nerf had been reversed, they still felt this was not the case.

While some said they believed it was okay, many players were fast to complain they were incorrect, and things were still not going back to ordinary.

“Definitely is not fine,” wrote Reddit user /u/spike12385. “It’s not as bad as it was right after they nerfed it, but certainly not as good as it was after they fixed it.

My 90s were complete dogshit right after the nerf, perfect after the fix, and are now back to being pretty dogshit after this newest stability fix. “While some thought this change had been made purposefully, Epic Games quickly moved to confirm that it wasn’t a deliberate choice, but rather a kind of bug that had raised its head.

Epic Games verified in a tweet sent by the official account that they had “seen reports that the delay for Turbo Building feels distinct” and that “no deliberate modifications have been published since yesterday’s adjustments.” The designers stated: “We are investigating these reports and will provide status updates when we have more data.”

The developers added later, “We’re investigating these reports and will provide status updates when we have more information.