Dragoni.gg announce esports betting platform

One of the challenges for people interested in betting on eSports is determining where to acquire historical data on the teams involved in order to make an informed judgement. Traditional sports have vast amounts of data as well as a plethora of outlets through which to acquire it, but this has not been the case with eSports.

The introduction of Dragoni.gg (pronounced Dragon Eye) coincides with the opening of the League of Legends Championship Series, which begins today (Wednesday June 16th).


“Traditional bookmakers have considered eSports as ‘just another market’ like tennis or football, but it is far more sophisticated than that,” says Dragoni Founder Mark Cole. Even if they are followers of their own team, very few people bet without doing their homework. As a result, Dragoni’s product will be a more immersive experience than past eSports-only bookies, the majority of whom have since broadened their company into other aspects of the industry.”

“eSports is rising in popularity nearly rapidly, and we believe that no one has adequately catered to the needs of the eSports bettor,” he continued. As Dragoni is designed to be both a B2B and B2C product, I am also happy to speak with traditional bookies searching for a well adapted eSports product.”