CSGO’s latest B Site details $100,000 qualifiers

As the new competitive Counter-Strike: Global offensive landscape takes shape in 2020 and qualification information is being rounded out by the different league that dominates the top level of pro-CSGO.

The B Site Championship, to be sponsored by FACEIT under the imaginative guidance of Duncan’s’ Thorin’ Shields, revealed that on January 31 FACEIT would give semi-prof and novice players enough opportunity to earn money and apply for the Tournament.

The B Site League teams are headed by Cloud9 and MIBR.

FACEIT will be hosting numerous open player single-bracket tournaments beginning from February 5 for North America, South America, and Europe. The open qualifications culminate in closed qualifications with 32 teams in Europe and 16 teams in each region of the United States in each region.

Taking a pitch in the B Site League in the LAN Finals, the two top teams from each region will head to Los Angeles. 100,000 dollars will be earned in the competitions and teams without associations will be able to gain more if they enter the League across.

According to the B Site Qualifiers article by HLTV, the League will provide a $25,000 ($5,000 per player) monthly allowance to teams who qualify for the first season without organisational sponsorship.

With this deal, the League will support teams that do not benefit from a traditional team salary or incentives, such as sponsorship and merchandise sales.
With direct financial assistance from the League, a professional team will negotiate with an organisation and reduce the risk of agreeing to sign an unequal deal without worrying.

On the same day, after a retrospection from the declaration that multiple eligible teams have missed their professional spot the ESL Pro League has annexed this news.

ESL has protested how they have named their invited teams, in particular how some teams have been submerged.

Teams that have been lost in the pro league will be invited in April to participate in the regional qualifiers for the occasion of season 12. The same teams will play without paying membership fees in the Mountain Dew League as well. MDL finishes in a Regional Tournament and additional opportunities for Pro League eligibility.

As stated earlier, the open B Site League qualifiers will start in early February and we will update the closed qualifications and LAN finals as they become available to us.