BMW and Fnatic announce new esports campaign

BMW UK and Fnatic have launched a new campaign to encourage esports players to “embrace the all-important balance in their life” in order to help them reach peak performance.

The program is available on social media and includes a variety of exercises aimed at helping participants enhance their mental and physical abilities. The staff will also offer guidance on how to use the support forum and website.

The initiative is part of a wider campaign designed to promote “balance and wellbeing” among gamers. As well as video messages from some of the team members, it will feature advice from two experts who have an understanding of gaming.

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Colin Johnson, Team Director and New Projects Lead, FNATIC, said: “Performance is something that BMW and FNATIC have always had in common, but an often-neglected part of the performance is what to do during your down time.

“Drive is the Difference is a perfect example of the importance of the idea that running yourself into the ground is not always the key to success – you must be efficient in every aspect of life and rest and relaxation is no exception. That balance is what has lead stars like Tekkz to become happy and healthy champions and we hope that is communicated to our fanbase and the rest of the community through this initiative.”

The partnership builds on BMW’s existing relationships within the esports industry. As a founding partner of the Gfinity Elite Series, a professional esports tournament in London, the car manufacturer has supported teams since its inception. This partnership is one of many “integration strategies” BMW uses to connect with new audiences and build stronger bonds with their target demographics.

Ryan Shaw, Creative Director at Octagon, added: “This campaign is a first-of-its-kind programme in the Esports world and one I’m incredibly proud to bring to life.

Fnatic is one of the world’s leading global organizations based in London, competing across eight professional video game titles including League of Legends and DOTA2. Its esports players are household names in gaming communities worldwide and were ranked as one of Forbes’ Top 10 Most Valuable Esports Teams earlier this year.

The idea for a campaign focused on wellbeing wasn’t one that came out of nowhere. In 2016, the organization sought out collaborations with other top esports teams and brands in an effort to further diversify its partnership portfolio and bring some of its expertise in sport psychology to the table.