Bizarre 32-hour GTA 5 Missioned completed by Twitch streamer

DarkViperAu, a Twitch streamer, completed one of the strangest but most exciting Grand Theft Auto 5 challenges without having a single bullet himself. A quest in storey mode.

When you think of GTA, you are thinking of high-speed car chasing, nuts, and, of course, lots of weapons. It’s certainly a very difficult and possibly somewhat foolish task to do one of the hardest tasks in the game without pulling the trigger once.

Nonetheless, it was a struggle for the streamer DarkViperAU that he was willing to sink for many hours, and after 32 gruelling hours, the content creator finally reached his target, taking another major step towards the completing of the whole game, without killing anyone.

DarkViperAU attempts to finish GTA V without killing one person.

DarkViperAU was trying to complete the Blitz Play, the third Heist mission to rob a safety truck that was trading huge sums of money around the city of Los Santos. It is easy to set up this challenge: Michael parks a garbage lorry across the road to block him, and Franklin pushes a towing lorry into the security van before he blasts the doors off and collects the money.

It obviously alarms the local law enforcement officials who come to forget you and your squad with a lot of weapons primed. It is usually time to remove your weapon and to start to shoot something that moves, but he had to rely on his teammates for the Australian to do the dirty work for him. After 32 hours, Trevor finally blew up the people to escape Franklin and DarkViperAU had set off a new mission.

He says, with bait and gas before he breaks into sharply pitched cries of ecstasy, “They’re moving up, three guys don’t move but if he can kill these four…” “That’s two! We succeeded! We can’t lose. That’s the checkpoint, there’s nothing we can do now to fail! I’m so happy!” While the streamer thought at the beginning it took him 33 hours to finish this mission, on Twitter, he confirms that the current time was 32 hours.

The Twitch streamer is currently working on the “pacifist sprint,” plot of the GTA V, which means he is not trying to kill anyone in the game himself, but the AI players can do what he wants.