BetBoom Team and Team Spirit qualify for Dota 2 ESL One Stockholm Major

In the DPC EEU Tour 2: Playoffs we’ve already had unexpected results, a lot of good Dota 2 games, and big scandals, but the event isn’t over yet. It’s the 5th day of the playoffs and we have two teams that qualified for the first Dota 2 Major of the year. There are two more series left to be played to determine who is getting the third slot for the Major. Let’s go over the last few matches played that got BetBoom Team and Team Spirit a spot in the major.

BetBoom Team 2 – 0 Mind Games

The moment we saw BetBoom Team take Team Spirit down in the biggest upset of the event, we knew they were strong contenders for a Major spot, and they didn’t disappoint. They came into this series two days after defeating 2-1 Natus Vincere. We knew the series would be heavily one-sided before the first game even started. BetBoom decided to go for a strong scaling team as they locked in Mars as their first pick. The first game had a slow start as none of the two teams managed to get a significant gold lead in the first few minutes. A couple of teamfights around the 25-minute mark gave BetBoom enough control to take over the map quickly. This saw the Odds Change quickly, The Russian team managed to close out the game at the 38-minute mark with ease.

BetBoom Team changed a few things around in their second draft. They secured early Storm Spirit and Visage picks, but qq’s AA pick was the highlight of the game. Mind Game started strong in the second game and they had a considerable gold lead 15 minutes into the match. But Mind Games weren’t able to transition that lead into anything significant as they were still losing most of their fights. BetBoom turned the gold lead to their favor at the 24-minute mark and they were able to close the game 2 minutes after that.

Team Spirit 2 – 0 Mind Games

After losing to BetBoom Team, Mind Games dropped to the lower bracket and would have to face The International 10 winners Team Spirit. If we take into consideration how Mind Games performed against the BetBoom team, the result of this series was kind of obvious. Mind Games, like in their last game, started decently as they had a 4k gold lead 25 minutes into the game. But once again, Mind Games were not able to capitalize on their lead and Team Spirit swung the gold lead heavily in their favor as they rolled over MG in teamfights, closing out the game with a 28k gold lead at 35 minutes.

Now what happened in game 2 has no explanation because it really seemed that Mind Games had completely given up. Team Spirit last picked Ursa almost as a sign of dominance, and it really showed during the game. Without much effort, Team Spirit secured the game as early as the 10-minute mark arrived because they had a solid 5k gold lead by that time. 5 minutes later, the game was over, yes, the game barely lasted 15 minutes and Team Spirit couldn’t be happier as they secured a spot in the Stockholm Major.

But Mind Games isn’t out of the tournament yet, they’ll have another chance at qualifying for the major. Mind Games have to wait for the Na’Vi vs CIS Rejects series to know who is going to be their opponent in the Third Slot Decider bracket. It’s safe to say that Natus Vincere is the favorite team to qualify but CIS Rejects and Mind Games can still upset their opponents.