Beastcoast eliminated by Alliance at ESL One Hamburg

ESL one is a great tournament with the least bracket games going far, and the Alliance wasn’t different from Beastcoast. The Dream League Champions of the Season 12 took part in the South American team, having a top 3 spot in the race.

In 41 mintues, Alliance took Game 1, with Nikobaby playing an imperfect Faceless Void. Beastcoast took a spectrum and Play with a regional stratum in mind, yet could not make it work. But they came home strong in 40 minutes to play 2 with Hector’s Wraith King, a hero on display at TI9. Everything came to game 3.

Beastcoast tried to get its hands back on the King Wraith, but with Alchemist and Dazzle as their cornerstone this time Alliance was ready for them. Until Beastcoast had the chance for the Wraith King, they managed to take over the game. A few minutes before the King Wraith, Alchemist met his time and let him fight faster. Alliance also had a Legion Commander who made Bristleback from Beastcoast worthless. All in all, a strategy was established and perfectly executed by Alliance. On a sidenote it is interesting that alchemist after so many nerves is yet such a strong character. During the game, ESL caught up with Captain Fata of the Alliance and spoke about the victory with him.

Handsken and Alliance coach Loda have been presented to Rich Campbell to discuss how the roster was created, among others.

Tomorrow, the Alliance will compete in the lower bracket final in Gambit Esports. Gambit missed TNC on top of the final bracket and will try to put it behind him and get back on top of the final with TNC. All teams didn’t face each other at this competition, so it’s fun to see what the stakes are like when they come to the game. Ensure that you do not skip ESL One Hamburg’s final day!