Apex Legends tournament announced

The organization FaceIt and the T1 platform have officially joined forces to host an invitational tournament format Apex Legends of $ 25,000. T1 and FACEIT last night announced their plans for the first Apex Legends tournament that will see the best streamer in the world battle for glory (and of course money).

We will give you all the details we know for the possible format and the channels that will transmit the tournament. The Apex Legends Invitational will be played on Saturday 30th March. You can watch the live tournament on the Twitch channels of both partners: T1 and FACEIT.

As announced, the Apex Legends Invitational will include 20 teams led by Twitch streamers. The event organizers have not revealed the complete list of players and teams yet, so we can only wait for further details.

Given that Respawn Entertainment has not yet introduced game modes that allow customized lobbies, the tournament will probably be played similarly to what happened for the Twitch Rival Challenge, or in public matches with a special leaderboard based on the points collected in a well defined time window.

The prize pool of the T1 x FACEIT Apex Legends Invitational will be $ 25,000. However, the organizers haven’t announced the prize pool distribution yet.

Apex Responds to the criticism

Respawn Entertainment has released a blog with a response to the criticism of the battle pass for Apex Legends from the community. In it, the developers said that they would add more and more innovations to the game every season.

The company also commented on the absence of any tasks in the battle pass. According to the developers, testing is a great idea for future seasons. Respawn noted that the first subscription is only the beginning.

The first competition season at Apex Legends began on March 19th. The game added a combat pass and a new hero Octane.

New Map Release?

After the incredible start of Apex Legends with more than 50 million players in a month, the title developers have to make an important strategic decision. Grow on the basis of Fortnite- style events or do so by launching new maps in the style of PUBG. According to the latest leaks, it seems that it could be the second way.

Credits: Respawn Entertainment

A month ago the CEO of Respawn’s Vince Zampella already affirmed in the publication Ventura Beat that there will be new maps in the game after the launch, as well as new modes, new characters, new weapons, and new skins. What we never imagined is that those changes could arrive so soon.

Recently a Twitter account specializing in leaks and computer mining, claimed that they have found some files with a very peculiar name. In them, we can read ” map_select_button ” and ” survival_map_selector ” which cannot have any meaning without the existence of a new map or a new game mode.