7ckinMad feels that Majors and Minors should be distinguished in the next season of DPC

The Current Dota Pro circuit has a lot of work to be done with regards to how events qualify to become Majors or Minors. As such we are witnessing the top teams being invited to minors and this essentially guarantees them a spot in the DPC table. The current pros and analysts such as Kyle also feel the same way as they want the system to change. The Minors and Majors do not have much separating them in terms of the performance of the production.

In a recent interview published on Joindota.com, Sebastian Debs shared his thoughts about changes he would bring to the DPC system for next season.

There’s definitely a big schedule problem, it got to the point now where you’re travelling so much you don’t have time to practice. You get off the plane then suddenly it’s a new patch, everything changes.

We’re not trying to make Dota the best competitive game, where we break the game down to the finer details, which is what I love about the game. It’s a beautiful game but when you get a patch on the plane and have to figure it out in just several hours, random stuff is going to happen and it’s not going to make any sense from a competitive dota perspective. Schedule is a big problem, patches is a big problem.