5 Reasons Why Esports Will Become More
Popular In The Foreseeable Future

Although eSports is just starting to become hugely popular in recent times, it’s been around since the 1970s. However, the lack of advanced technologies to power its growth repressed its development until the 2000s, when the .com bubble became the catalyst for this gaming activity. Now, eSports is experiencing mega growth. 

ESports isn’t only growing in viewership and audience stats. Many savvy punters now wager on this competitive sport, raking millions in profits. Active betting platforms like FanDuel Casino also offer eSports odds for players that want to wager on the outcomes. 

This article will pursue the importance of this gaming activity and why it’ll remain relevant even in the foreseeable years.

Reasons Why ESports Will Be More Popular In The Future

ESports has continually grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 1972. The techs it uses are advanced, and its features are classic. If you are still skeptical about the sport’s popularity, these are solid reasons why it won’t grow less popular in decades to come:

1. Huge Viewership Like Never Seen

ESports combines the sports and gaming industries, which explains its rapid-growing fan base. A Newzoo statistic estimates that spectators, viewers, and enthusiasts of the entertainment sport will reach 7.7% by 2024, which equates to 577.2 million viewers. Even Statista notes that it’ll achieve a global viewership of 318 million by 2025, which is triple the views Super Bowl has.

Its tremendous viewership rate is further solidified through sponsorships and global recognition. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is already contemplating adding eSports to the upcoming Olympic events. The likes of Intel, Comcast Xfinity, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Coca-Cola are also supporting eSports teams, improving their relevance in mainstream sports.

2. It Offers Career Opportunities

In 2019, 19-year-old Kyle Giersdor played the Fortnite World Cup Finals and won a $3 million prize. The price for Dota 2, an eSports game, is over $40 million in The International 2021, but these are just a little of what players can win from the game.

The game offers both young and old abilities to be professional players. It also extends the opportunity pool to sports managers, development engineers, data analysts, programming experts, coaches, and even journalists. There’s something for everyone.

3. It Integrates New Gaming Technology

ESports is a bridge between technology and entertainment. The video games are powered by audio quality and high graphics interface fueled by virtual reality, IoT, and relative tech trends.

All of these create a realistic environment that makes streaming as real as actual performance. Coupled with these is a faster internet connection ahead of the conventional gaming network, which connects gamers to their games with ease. 

4. Vast Diversity of Games

The availability of games has made this industry a hotspot for game lovers. You can access hundreds of games and stream other players if you don’t know how to play. As a bonus, you can place bets on these players and their teams.

Gamers that love multiplayer games can play League of Legends and Fortnite, while players that like to keep it traditional can opt for games like Madden, NBA Jam, and FIFA. If you’re the first shooter type, you can easily find Call Of Duty, PUBG, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Regardless of your preference, being able to access any game you want is a flex every player appreciates. 

5. It’s a Social Activity

Photo Credit:Byronton from Pixabay

It’s often believed that gamers are “vampiristic” introverts that hate to show their faces in public. ESports have changed that narrative. Millions of gamers, spectators, and audiences come together to watch professional players.

Some platforms like Twitch promote the ESports community, giving viewers easy access to their favorite games. It’s also a chance for bettors to wager their money on the games’ outcomes, just like any other sporting activity.

Final Notes

Whether you are skeptical about eSports’ popularity because of future investments or you’ve just gotten attached to the sport, the established industry isn’t losing its high-end popularity anytime soon.

It’s supported and loved by many, integrates tech into its growth, and is more of entertainment than technology. These are indications that the industry will continue to grow and remain popular for a long time.