What to expect from the PUBG Nations Cup

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is set to start a new incursion within the esports scene. Regularly they have the usual league system with a final tournament for the best teams in the world, however a new format has appeared in the Nations Cup. 

PUBG Mobile surpasses 7.5$ billion in total revenue

Mobile gaming has absolutely blown up in certain regions of the world, specially within Asia and America. The latest title to step up into the high ends of the mobile world is Player Unknown Battlegrounds and its mobile version.

Apex Legends’ community outraged by Kraber nerf

Apex Legends season 13 came with a lot of potential, some of it was executed perfectly while some did not hit as expected… literally. The Kraber has been a staple weapon within the franchise, bolstering the most amount of damage of any gun, however trading possible uptime and mobility.

The top champion picks for MSI 2022 so far

After three days of the Mid Season Invitational, we can already see where the tournament’s priorities are. As of the moment most teams are hovering over the same champion pool with few exceptions. Today we will visit the most played champions currently within each lane.

MSI 2022-Riot Games under criticism due to artificial latency issues

Riot games is no stranger to criticism and controversy within their esports ecosystem, whether it be impromptu schedule changes or suspicious favoritism, the multi-million dollar company tends to be on the spotlight. Sadly the current Mid Season Invitational was no exception to this.

Thunder Awaken fly into 1st place as Mind Games forfeits their first game in disaster

The ESL One Stockholm Major finally arrived and we already had a couple of very unexpected results. One of those results is related to one of the teams having visa issues, which we talked about a couple of days ago. It’s a bit disappointing to see that the first major of the year has faced so many troubles, from teams being disqualified, to a whole region missing out on the tournament. Now on the first day of the event, one of the teams was forced to forfeit their first match, and it’s still unsure how long these problems will last.

Royal Never Give Up or T1, which team is looking better so far?

When it comes to the 2022 MSI, two teams stand out above the rest by a huge margin. Although in prior years we’ve seen many upsets, like back in 2019. We had a NA vs EU grand finals, where Team Liquid, the team that beat world champion Invictus Gaming in the semifinals, would try to take down a G2 that had just defeated Korea’s SKT T1. It’s crazy to think that something like that happened not too long ago because now coming into the 2022 MSI, it seems very unlikely that we’ll see something similar happen.

PSG Talon bounces back after a disappointing start in the 2022 MSI

The PCS representatives never fail to deliver an exciting storyline when it comes to international events, and it looks like this time won’t be an exception. After a shocking 0-2 start, PSG Talon has managed to make a comeback, forcing a possible three-way tie between them, Red Canids, and Istanbul Wildcats. 

We had a huge upset during the opening day of the 2022 MSI

The most unexpected result was Red Canids taking down PSG Talon in a very dominating fashion. It’s still unclear if PSG Talon just had a bad day or the PCS level has gone down considerably. Gabriel Vinicius “Aegis” Saes de Lemos almost single-handedly carried the Canids to victory with his Wukong pick. Red Canids’ Jojo also delivered a solid performance for the Brazilian team which puts them in a good spot for their upcoming match against Istanbul Wildcats.

How are the MSI participants performing in Korea’s solo queue so far?

One of the biggest benefits of the MSI being held in Korea this year is that the players will be able to grind one of the most competitive solo queue ladders in the world. During past international events that occurred in Korea, we’ve seen a lot of players from NA and EU reach the Challenger rank with ease, while others never managed to get out of the Diamond tier.