Unexpected results in first round robin of LoL Worlds 2022

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship has just finished the first round robin of the group stage. We saw a lot of action in these first three days and while some things went as we expected, there was also a lot of stuff that threw fans completely off. Based on what we have seen so far, how will the rest of the group stage shape up? Will things go similarly to what we saw in the first round robin?

Three-way tie for first place in Group A
Group A has been one of the most exciting groups so far at Worlds 2022. The close battle between the teams proved to be true, as EDG, T1 and FNC are still standing at 2-1 after the first three matches. Unfortunately for Cloud9, their Worlds run is almost coming to an end since they haven’t won a single match. 

The North American team didn’t look too bad, but it wasn’t still enough to beat the other three. Something must change in C9 but there are so many negative points all around, from the early game to the macro in the later stages of the game. Only a miracle would allow them to get out of this group: they did it once in the past, but this time all stars will have to be aligned in order to force a tiebreaker, which is very unlikely to happen.


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Can G2 bounce back?
The standings in Group B are more or less what we expected and the most predictable of the group stage. JDG looked convincing with their strong performances, going 3-0 and proving why they were the LPL champions.

DK have been following closely behind in second, mainly relying on their great early game execution. The Korean team went even with JDG in their direct battle, but they lost out in the late game teamfights, as that will be the weakness DK will have to work on.

G2 Esports showed their potential against JDG, fighting on even terms until they made the mistake around the baron. This proves that on a good day, G2 can go against the best.

Rogue overtakes Group C
Group C is a joy for all European fans. Rogue is unexpectedly leading the standings after three dominating wins on the participants and one more win will likely guarantee them a spot in the Top 8.

Despite being the 4th seed from the LCK, DRX is performing much better than anticipated. Pyosik still has some ups and downs, but on a good day, he can actually carry the team. The Korean team will likely contest the second qualifying spot with Top Esports, who have been a great disappointment so far at Worlds.

RNG and Gen.G favorites to make it to playoffs
Group D is quite similar to Group B in terms of how the teams are positioned within the group. RNG is head and shoulders above everyone else, having the most dominant and cleanest games out of all teams in the group stage, especially considering Gen.G is in this group.

Speaking of the LCK first seed, their performance has been lackluster and not the one we expected from one of the big favorites of the tournament. While they are still second and shouldn’t have problems finishing in the top two, their journey at Worlds might end abruptly in the Knockout StageThis year’s world championship is turning out to be one of the most exciting ones we’ve had so far, with a lot of exciting bets to place, so make sure you check out our League of Legends betting page where you can find all the best sign up offers and free bets available.