The top champion picks for Mid Season Invitational 2022 so far

After three days of the Mid Season Invitational, we can already see where the tournament’s priorities are. As of the moment most teams are hovering over the same champion pool with few exceptions. Today we will visit the most played champions currently within each lane.

Certain champions tend to be obscure within the regional leagues, however tend to climb up the priority ladder when the highest level of competition comes around. Gwen is no stranger to this, as she is the most played top laner within the tournament. The champion has not received any major changes in the last few patches, however a lot of teams see the value of her strong laning phase and possible carry potential against the enemy frontlines. Currently she has been picked nine times in the tournament.

Continuing with our jungle pick we can clearly see that pick rate is not always a good thing when it comes to victory. Viego stands at the top of the picking list, however standing with only a 33% win rate on MSI.   Nevertheless Wukong seems to be the strongest jungler as per most team’s opinions, providing wonderful team fighting engage and carry potential with low resources, he stands just below Viego in the pick rate.

Mid lane has seen the most movement on their champion picks, with two taking first place in Zoe and Ahri. Both bolstering a good win ratio while being picked 6 times each. This tends to show where teams can deviate in playstyle, with Ahri being the more stable teamfight focused pick and Zoe being the aggressive alternative.

Finally bot lane hasn’t received much change coming up to MSI, as the champion picks remain similar to the regional tournaments with one exception. Kai’sa has risen from the grave providing a strong aggressive alternative to the usual passive utility picks such as Jhin and Aphelios. However support picks have remained completely the same with Nautilus and Leona standing as the go-to tanky engagers most team needs in order to punish their opponents.

Hopefully we will see more action and possible creative picks in the next couple of days.