The group stage for MSI 2022 has been officially set

Earlier today, during the first day of the LCS finals event in Houston, Texas, the groups for MSI 2022 were officially announced. With a much-anticipated return to South Korea, Riot’s first international League of Legends esports event will start on May 10 featuring the best 11 teams of the world as of the end of the first competitive split in 2022.

Group A hosts the hottest team of the year and one of the most historic teams in the world, Korea’s T1. The LCK’s powerhouse team brings Faker back to the international stage along in a favored setting playing at home and coming from a very dominant split. The same group features the VCS’ Saigon Buffalo, the LLA’s Team Aze, and the LJL’s DetonatioN FocusMe. While DFM is a known face in the international stage, Team Aze is competing for the first time in the MSI after winning their first split ever as an organization and team. The VCS’ representative is also a team to watch since the COVID-19 regulations have impaired them from participating in the last few international events.

Group B is perhaps the most interesting group with the LPL’s RNG, the PCS’ PSG Talon, the TCL’s Istanbul Wildcats and the CBLoL’s RED Canids. Red Canids won their series in a tight 5-game series against the favorites to win the final in paiN Gaming, similar to how RNG beat TOP in the LPL finals. The PCS and TCL are also strong leagues that are likely to surprise teams throughout the tournament.

Group C is the final group and consists of only three teams. The LEC’s G2 Esports and the winner of the LCS will have plenty of games to feed that North America vs Europe rivalry with some LCO sprinkled in represented by Order.

Stay tuned to the LCS finals as the winner between Evil Geniuses and 100thieves will be representing North America this year.