Streamers Tyler1 and Tarzaned arrive at Korea to climb the Solo Queue ladder

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and Julian “Tarzaned” Farokhian just announced their arrival to Korea. But these two streamers weren’t the first ones to travel all the way to Korea just to climb the Solo Queue ladder and make content for their platforms.

On March 14, we saw streamers Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni and Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg do the same thing. The reason was that they wanted to test their skill out on the Korean server, and it’s been a total success for both of them. Not only were they able to reach Challenger but their streaming numbers went up considerably as they had a lot of highlight-worthy plays and generated good content all around.

TF Blade got into the top 3 of the ladder but he wasn’t able to stay there for long as the rest of the players started to climb just to take him down. He was facing a lot of stream snipers and people trying to ruin his games. This is very common amongst popular streamers as people just want to get a reaction out of them or just have a few minutes of screen time in front of thousands and thousands of spectators. TF Blade is still going strong and keeps playing on the Korean server as he’ll remain in the country for a couple more weeks.

TheBausff on the other hand hasn’t had that much success if we talk about ranking. But he gained a lot of traction as he is well-known for his Sion pick. This was a novelty for Korean players as this pick is not that common on the Korean server. Many of these players thought that TheBausff was playing badly in an intentional manner because his strategies are a bit “unorthodox”. Thebausffs gained a lot of fans but at the same time, he gained a lot of haters

Tyler1 the League of Legends hero.

Now we’ll have a chance to see Tyler 1 and Tarzaned try to climb the solo queue ladder all the way to challenger. Tyler1 is the biggest League of Legends streamer on the most popular streaming platform, TwitchTV. His most recent achievement is getting to the challenger rank on 5 different accounts, playing each of the 5 roles in League of Legends. The amazing thing is that he streamed every single one of his games, allowing the public to witness all his good players, and also his worst failures. We’ve partnered with Mr Play one of the very best esports betting sites, to ensure that you can always get the best odds when Tyler1 is playing.

Accompanying Tyler1 is Tarzaned, one of the most controversial streamers on the platform. No one can deny Tarzaned’s ability to dominate his enemies on the rift, but he is mostly known for his toxic behavior and bad attitude towards his teammates. He’s been rank 1 multiple times on the North American server, but the Korean Solo Queue ladder is a whole different beast. If Tarzaned manages to reach challenger then he’ll have another achievement in his books he can boast about and become one of the few North American players that have been able to achieve this.