Riot reveals TFT Victorious Aatrox skin as end of season reward

League of Legends Season 9 will close in a month, with Riot Games announcing bonuses as every year. The Victorious Aatrox skin is a bonus for players who have achieved or above Gold in any of the game modes. The official release date to award end of season Riot Games is still to be announced but should be in December sometime.

The Victorious Skins justifies its success as one of the most successful champions played in season 9. Upon his rework early this year, he quickly rose to fame. The champion has mastered the game, and is still prevalent even after several nerves. At the 2019 Worlds stage, Aatrox has already made many appearances. The Victorious skin line of Aatrox includes Orianna, Graves, Maokai, Sivir, Elise, Morgana, Janna and Jarvan IV.

Be aware that at the end of the season players have to be gold or higher. Any player will not count the rank earned in the mid-season. Players which have won gold and higher in several game modes will claim Victory chromium Aatrox (Summoners Rift, Twisted Tree Line). Everyone who is under honor level two will not receive a prize. The level of honour depends on fair play, friendliness of games and tilt resistance.

Team Fight Tactics have revealed bonuses at Riot Games at the end of the season. The game debuted in June and since then has grown steadily. In an League of Legends post it said: It said:

“the Teamfight Tactics ranked season ends when the game comes down for patch 9.22. We’re still working on the final form for TFT’s ranked rewards, but when they’re ready, you’ll retroactively earn the award according to your final rank from this past season.

In the meantime, if you land at Gold or higher you’ll earn the Victorious Pengu emote based on your rank.”