Riot Games announces TFT event ‘Rise of the Elements Invitational’

Next week, in conjunction with Red Bull, Riot Games will hold a two-day Teamfight Tactics event to celebrate the unveiling of the League of Legends’ Rise of the Elements.

On Wednesday, Oct. 30 and Thursday, Oct. 31, some of the best TFT streamers in the world will attend this event. The matches will also be played with all the exciting new things and champions added to the newest PBE update.

All the players in the tournament play here:

  • Players:
    • itsHafu
    • Scarra
    • dogdog
    • Disguised Toast
    • Reckful
    • Kibler
    • SuperJJ
    • Sologesang
    • becca
    • Keane
    • ik4rus
    • sasa
    • Rakin
    • Holythoth
    • Duende
  • Hosts:
    • Lothar
    • Phreak
    • MarkZ
    • Ovilee May

On day one, in five games, two teams of eight players must square off to earn points depending on where they end up. To order to earn bonus points, players can also fulfil alternate winning conditions. Every group’s top four point earners will move on to the second day.

On the second day, the remaining eight teams must battle each other. The winner will be crowned the first man to win three victories. At this stage of the tournament, positioning doesn’t matter at all— if you don’t come in first, you might well be last.

The tournament winner gets the $15,000 grand prize and a personalized TFT jacket to take home, while the other seven players who made it to the second day get a consolation prize of $10,750. Players sent back on the first day will still earn $7,500.

The coverage for the tournament’s opening day starts at 11 am CT.