MAD Lions advances after close series versus Saigon Buffalo, while DFM upsets LOUD – League of Legends 2022 Worlds Playins

MAD Lions defeated Saigon Buffalo in the first best of five series of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. The VCS 2nd seed were sent home after four games and an incredible showing of talent, adaptability, and strong mentality. Both teams fought extremely hard, and thankfully for fans showcased heavily aggressive drafts with a lot of skirmishes included.

Both MAD Lions and Saigon Buffalo started the series with rather simple compositions, with the exception being Taki’s Morgana, who was paired with a strong duo of her’s in skirmishes, Caitlyn. However the first game was decided on teamfights and not skirmishes or small fights. 

Throughout the first game, Saigon Buffalo showcased their usual aggressive playstyle, but the lead MAD Lions built during the early game simply was too much, as any attempt by their enemies to come back into the game was easily stopped. After a slow but steady late game, Saigon Buffalo’s squad was not able to sustain the pressure from MAD Lions. 

MAD Lions started the second game with momentum from the first result, and it was at that moment of false confidence that Saigon Buffalo committed something special, picking Vayne top for Hasmed.  In one of the highlights of this incredibly tense Worlds series, BeanJ was able to shut down Nisqy before the mid laner could finish an ace within a mid game team fight. 

At last, it was Saigon Buffalo who was victorious in game 2. Their focus on aggression shut down MAD Lions’ ability to rotate fast between lanes and turned the series into a tie. 

Going into game three, only three minutes in, MAD Lions ganked bot securing 3 kills and starting to get a hefty lead in the early game. Throughout the game, the LEC 4th seed showed just how hard they can punish a team when able to secure an early lead on Elyoya. Is important to note that even if Elyoya’s Bel’Veth was a key factor within the game, UNF0RGIVEN and Nisqy were the carries on the late game teamfights. In a quick 23 minute game MAD Lions defeated Saigon Buffalo and achieved match point.

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In the last game of the series, both teams fought with absolutely everything they got. But unfortunately for Saigon Buffalo, MAD Lions had the Empress of the Void one more time on their side. After the LEC representative was able to get a lead, MAD Lions pushed through the tough core of Saigon Buffalo after securing a free sneaky Baron.

With this victory, MAD Lions are one step closer to securing a spot in Worlds 2022 main stage. However, Evil Geniuses stand right in front of them with the same desire for the coveted slot. 

Going into the second best of five series of the day, we saw one of the best showcases of mental fortitude that Worlds has ever experienced. As DFM was able to comeback after a huge loss at the start of the series against LOUD. Showing one more time how the LJL manages to show up on the international stage.

Game one of the series saw LOUD highlight their in game stamina, as they beat DFM in the longest game of the 2022 World Championship thus far at 44 minutes. Even after a back and forth affair with the lead switching sides constantly, it was LOUD that had the last laugh. Ceos’ Amumu was the key factor for LOUD on game one and definitely his best champion. Thus DFM subsequently started banning the mummy every single game onwards.

The LJL champions led game two in yet another extremely close game, however at that point they found their mojo going into game three and making a strong statement that they should remain in Worlds 2022 contention.

Game four was a walk in the park, as the confident DFM had a 10 000 gold advantage by the mid game. It was bot laner Yutapon who went 10/0/1 on Kai’Sa and closed out the four-game series with a total scoreline of 34/8/20. 

Should DFM win their next match against juggernauts Royal Never Give Up, they’ll advance to the Worlds group stage for the second consecutive season. Check out our League of Legends betting page where you can find the best deals and sign up offers!