LPL Summer Split throws up exciting matches in 8th Week of 2022 LPL Summer Split

While 3 teams have already secured a spot in the 2022 LPL Summer playoffs (JDG, TES, and V5), the rest of the competition is basically still up in the air. RNG still hasn’t locked a playoff spot, but if we are being completely honest, there is no way that this squad isn’t making it into the next phase. The 2022 MSI Champions have been very dominant in their victories and have been very close to taking down some of the top-3 teams. 


In the middle of the LPL standings we have very inconsistent teams that sometimes look extremely good, to the point of winning over the strongest teams in the league (e.g.Weibo vs V5). WBG, EDG, and AL are 3 teams that look a bit ahead of the middle of the pack teams. LNG and FunPlus Phoenix look like strong contenders for playoffs participation, though their lack of consistency has been why they haven’t been able to secure their spot yet.

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LPL – the key match ups.

With all of that said, we have some very interesting matchups during week 8 of the LPL and the outcomes of each match is going to impact the standings quite a bit:

The first one we have to talk about is the RNG vs JDG encounter happening in Saturday’s last match. JDG have already secured Playoffs and are comfortably in second, but both of these teams are currently in a 5-series winning streak. It’s fair to say that the recent RNG victories have been a bit more impressive than JDG’s. The team continues to rely on their superstar GALA, and now that hypercarries are slowly coming back into the meta, it will actually favor them even more.

Kanavi might as well be considered the most impactful jungler in the league, because his team’s performance relies completely on how he is playing. On the rare occasions when Kanavi plays badly, their games get sloppy and JDG looks like a completely different team. Their Game 2 in the series versus iG showed just how much JDG relies on a well-performing Kanavi.

Now the next match in the LPL we should go over is LNG vs EDG. With LNG facing their toughest opponent and Playoffs contender EDG this week, we can be sure that they’ll be trying their best to pick up this win. EDG has similar ideas though, especially after a tough defeat to RNG this past weekend. Both teams face similarly “weak” opponents until the end of the split, and both would like to pretty much secure Playoffs in Week 8.

EDG is the most solid team amongst these two, but we can’t deny that LNG’s ceiling is one of the highest in the league. Jiejie might try to get a big advantage through the jungle, but doing so against Tarzan is not going to be an easy task at all. This is definitely going to be a very intense match so be sure to catch it! Remember with the LPL coming up to such an important part, check out our League of Legends betting sites pages, to find all the best offers that are available.