LPL strongest players, who to keep an eye for in the 2022 League of Legends World Championship – Part 4

Its fair to say the LPL is one if not the most competitive league in the world, LCK has been trailing behind in overall talent with just a couple of teams showing the possibility of winning Worlds 2022. Talent brews incredibly fast within the Chinese region with youngsters and veterans seemingly playing together, keeping the pace between each other.

Quite a lot of stars will be attending the tournament, and even though all of them might not meet each other in the live server, viewers will get to see all of these superstars play to their maximum potential. All of these incredible players are the key of their respective teams and will be a huge part for not only their own game plan but how the opponent reacts to their play style.

We are going to take a look at the best players coming from the LPL, and how they are going to be able to impact the game for the best in Worlds 2022. Let’s enjoy part 4 of our list!

EDG Jiejie

After looking into all the players coming to the event, it is hard to choose a definite list of the best junglers, however something is certain Jiejie is right up in that list. Is fair to say he did not have the best regular summer split, however he became an absolute menace going into the playoffs stage. 

He got the highest Kill to Death Ratio and Kill Participation stat in both playoffs stage and league grand finals, assisting EDG to get their spot in Worlds 2022. Jiejie’s play style is rather slow compared to other LPL junglers; it is more similar to the Korean style of play, looking to sustain and scale through neutral objectives.

Jiejie’s main attributes are his composure and clutch mentality when under heavy pressure. He is a key part of the stability of EDG, as he rarely gets caught in the wrong position while also being a central part of EDG’s commitment in team fights. Nevertheless, if EDG needs a hard carry within the jungle role, sadly Jiejie might not be able to perform that role. Thankfully for Jiejie, the jungle meta is rotating around team fight champions such as Udyr, Hecarim, Nocturne, and Graves.

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TES 369

369 is by far the most well rounded and adaptable top laner coming into the tournament. There is no other top laner that can play both weak side and carry champions at the same level he does. Most top laner only opt for one of the two, however 369 managed to master both coming into Worlds 2022. But what makes him so unique, is his game sense to come back from difficult lanes through the mid game. 

Whether it’s with a well setup flank or by winning a one versus one in the side lane, 369 constantly looks to punish any missteps the enemy makes. It is rather strange for most players to understand how he does it, however it is a good combination of mechanical talent, power spike knowledge, and tempo mastering. Check out our League of Legends betting page where you can find the best deals and sign up offers!