LPL strongest players, who to keep an eye for in the 2022 League of Legends World Championship – Final Part

It is fair to say the LPL is one if not the most competitive league in the world, LCK has been trailing behind in overall talent with just a couple of teams showing the possibility of winning Worlds 2022. Talent brews incredibly fast within the Chinese region with youngsters and veterans seemingly playing together, keeping the pace between each other.

Quite a lot of stars will be attending the tournament, and even though all of them might not meet each other in the live server, viewers will get to see all of these superstars play to their maximum potential. All of these incredible players are the key of their respective teams and will be a huge part for not only their own game plan but how the opponent reacts to their play style.

We are going to take a look at the best players coming from the LPL, and how they are going to be able to impact the game for the best in Worlds 2022. Here we are at the end of the road with our last part of the incredible LPL list we gathered!

RNG Breathe

Breathe officially joined Royal Never Give Up after the end of the Mid Season Invitational around June, following a rather unexpected agreement with BibiBili Gaming that switched him and Bin between both teams. 

For anyone that does not follow the LPL, Breathe is the quintessential duelist top laner and most likely one of the best in the world at that playstyle.  

Even though he did not receive a lot of resources from his teams, he is incredible at keeping up with pressure and gold by himself. Breathe is known in the league for being extremely good with Fiora and relatively strong with champions that excel in isolated skirmishes or “one versus one” situations. When it comes to split pushing and off map pressure, he is the man for you.

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TES Tian

Tian is looking to return to his true peak and potential similar to his performance in the 2019 Worlds edition. 

The Chinese native jungler’s career took a dive in 2020 due to serious health issues that directly affected his performance. On top of that stress was taking a toll on him, because of it Tian took a break from professional play in 2021 early into the season. After a rather underwhelming split with FunPlus Phoenix, Tian decided to switch things up and signed with Top Esports, currently being the key factor of their team play.

He does not have the most amazing statistics per say, however Tian’s strength relies on his playmaking ability in teamfights, and the talent to find the smallest cranny to punish the enemy in the correct time.

Now that 2 of his best picks are back in the meta (Lee sin and Hecarim), we think Tian will shine in this upcoming event.

Thanks for accompanying us in this incredible journey of the best LPL players within Worlds 2022. Stick around for more incredible Worlds content! Check out our League of Legends betting page where you can find the best deals and sign up offers!