League of Legends Analyst Christy Frierson ‘dragged’ off stage

Commentator of the League of Legends Christy ‘ Ender ‘ Frierson was pulled off stage during the coverage of the World Championship after a sarcastic rant against DAMWON Gaming about LowKey Esports’ chances.

Worlds 2019’s play-in phase has begun its final days, with the October 7-8 knockout games being played. Four best-of-five games will decide which teams will make it towards the main event.

The Vietnamese second-seed, sadly for LowKey Esports, drew the short straw for the elimination match, meeting South Korean third-seed DAMWON Gaming. DAMWON is not only the best play-in team–the only one in the group stage to go unbeaten–but also probably one of the stronger teams throughout the competition.

Going into what is arguably the knockout round’s most one-sided match-up on paper, Ender was charged with describing what LowKey would potentially do if they had a chance to pull off the shock.

DAMWON is considered the play-in stage’s best group in the worlds.
Ender began with some more serious discussion about the different play styles of the players, but as he progressed his “research” slowly became more ludicrous, including that LowKey should instead “challenge them to a best-of-5″[ Teamfight Tactics] and “unplug their screens.”

When Ender’s comments slowly became more ludicrous, the text on-screen was replaced with a “design notice” asking him to stop, and the camera eventually began to pan away from him, only for Ender to pull himself along the desk to stay in the picture.

Finally, Ender’s microphone was switched off literally, but he could still be seen maintaining his speech until a stage crew member climbed onto the stage and pulled him out of the show.

While the skit was a nice way to highlight how big a LowKey mountain face is, major upsets could still arise–and after an extremely eventful first game, the Vietnamese team actually found themselves leading the series.

Nonetheless, DAMWON were swift to tie things up with a win of its own and get back on track in their place as the favorites of the season. The game stands at 1-1 at the time of writing.