JDG takes first seed, after winning convincingly on week 2 – LoL Worlds Championship

Out of all regional winners JDG seems to be the strongest, JD Gaming have looked like a well oiled machine in a group that offers quite a lot of possible tough games. After ending Week 1 of the group stage with an undefeated 3-0 score line, JDG looked like nothing changed after the small break, coming with dominance once more after beating Evil Geniuses, G2 Esports, and DWG Kia in a tiebreaker.

It took JDG just 25 minutes to finish Evil Geniuses’ chances of a potential Cinderella run at Worlds 2022. Even after Evil Geniuses were able to grab their first win earlier against G2, JDG quickly brought down the hype at New York’s Hulu Stadium.

In their last match, Evil Geniuses were able to keep things close with JDG, even achieving a small lead against the Chinese representatives by the mid game, however when the late game rolled around it was over for EG. In Week 2, EG was able to go head to head against the juggernauts in the laning phase, nevertheless after a tough team fight at the 15 minute mark everything went wrong once more.

A dominant ace for JDG at 15 minutes allowed them to build a huge early gold lead, and by the mid game the LPL reigning champions were up by a whopping 9000 gold. Throughout the mid game, JDG top laner 369 constantly looked to break the map via split push, forcing Evil Geniuses to break their lines to match him, and often putting EG in uncomfortable situations when team fights were about to happen. After 369’s solo kills on EG’s laners Impact and Jojopyun, he achieved a 31% of JDG’s total damage dealt to champions according to gol.gg statistics website


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By the end of the game, the gold difference between both teams was capped at 18000 in favor of JDG, making this game one if not the largest stomp in Worlds history.

After DWG KIA won the final game of the day to force the possible tiebreaker, JDG woke up and quickly took the decider match to take 1st seed at Group B. DWG KIA’s possible undefeated 4-0 day was blocked by JDG, clutching the top of the table even after losing earlier to DWG KIA.

In the tiebreaker game, Hope didn’t have to carry JDG as in their first match back in October 8tb, as top laner 369 continued his dominance from earlier today. With his team looking to clinch first seed, 369 went berserk on Aatrox finishing 10/1/11, the tournament’s strongest pick fell through the cracks into 369 hands.

Following this week of matches, Riot Games will prepare their show to highlight the quarterfinal matchups for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. So keep an eye out for incredible matchups coming after Sunday, October 16th.

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