BMW announced as the Official Partner for the EULCS Finals

BMW have been announced as the official partner for this yearś EULCS Summer finals. The 2017 Summer finals will be held in Paris and will see G2 face off against Misfits. Misfits have been exceptional this summer with wins against some of the best teams in the game.

The finals will take place on 3rd of September. BMWś partnership comes immediately following ESLś announcement of Mercedes-Benz as their sponsor for several tournaments worldwide. This definitely marks a peak in interest in esports from the automotive industry.

This new involvement will complement our existing sports sponsoring activities with an eye on the future,” he said, “and allow us to make contact with a very interesting, new target group.”

Non-endemic investment into esports is burgeoning with esports growth continuing at a phenomenal pace. The Overwatch League seems to be the focal point of all such efforts, however we are also seeing investments in other aspects of esports.