Astralis is rebuilding their League of Legends roster, adding Xerxe and Vizicsacsi

Xerxe leaves Immortals and joins Astralis

The last time we saw Xerxe play in the LEC was back in Summer 2020, where he finished last place. At that time, he was playing under xPeke’s esports organization Astralis. 

After their disappointing 10th place finish, Origen made a big move, they merged with the Astralis team to form Astralis Group. Which ended up meaning that the organization would participate under the Astralis from now on.

Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir would come back to his former home in the upcoming 2022 Summer Split, almost two years after his departure.

Baltat ‘AOD’ Alin-Ciprian, Head Coach for Astralis League of Legends, said the following in Astralis’ official statement regarding their new acquisition: “I worked with Xerxe previously, and part of the coaching staff knows him from before, which swayed our decision towards him when the opportunity arose”, this shows the amount of trust they have on Andrei, “Furthermore, he is a very creative player with a lot of curveballs he can throw, starting from the draft, which opens up many possibilities in our team’s playstyle and our approach to the game”, he added.

There is no doubt when it comes to Xerxe’s ability to catch the enemy off guard. We’ve seen him time and time come up with interesting picks during his run in the LCS. He found success on picks like Zac and Gragas multiple times, when no other jungler was playing these picks. 

This might be the right change that Astralis needs in order to stay away from the bottom of the table in the upcoming LEC Summer Split.

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Vizicsacsi from European Regional League LFL to LEC

After his short run on the LFL, Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás is back to the highest level of competition in Europe. The last time we saw him on the big stage was back in the 2021 World Champíonship. 

Vizicsacsi had the opportunity to sub in for OCE representative team PEACE, and although he didn’t find much success, it was refreshing to see him perform once again.

His last game played on the LEC stage was back in summer 2019. He was playing under the Splyce organization and they managed to qualify for Worlds 2019, where they got knocked out by SKT T1 in the quarter finals. 

“Looking at the players we have in our roster already and the ones we have looked at in our scouting process, we knew we wanted a toplaner that is extremely reliable and knows how to play sidelane” said, Bjørn Hansen, coach for Astralis, on the official statement.

There is doubt that Vizicsacsi is one of the most solid top laners we saw in the LEC. But that was a long time ago, we’ll have to see if he can still put up a fight against the current best top laners in the league. He has a huge challenge ahead as he will have to play against the likes of BrokenBlade, Hirit, and Alphari. Make sure to read up on how to bet on esports and all the great esports betting bonuses we offer.

Xerxe and Vizicsacsi will reunite for the upcoming summer split, which will be very exciting for all the former fans of now-exctinct Splyce.