Esports Betting Guide to Overwatch

Overwatch is a Blizzard Entertainment team-based first-person multi-party shooter. Described as a’ hero shooter,’ the Overwatch team selects two six-person squads, each of which is split into three specific tasks, each choosing a pool of over 30 players, each with a distinctive play style.

Team players work together to secure and defend control posts on the map in a limited time period or to escort payloads across the map. Players earn cosmetic gameplaying bonuses, such as skins for character and winning roles when playing the game. The game first started with casual play, but after release, a competitive ranking mode, several “arcade” game modes and a player-specific server browser were added.

Blizzard has added a free post-release of new characters, maps and game modes, with players only having an optional loot box to earn cosmetic items. It was released in May 2016 and Nintendo’s Switch in October 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

Esports with overwatch is so interesting that players can switch flying heroes in the middle of the game that strategies can change immediately. All their heroes are perfectly tuned and balanced to ensure professional and incidental playing are identical and that each group is constantly counter-composed and strategic.

How Do you Win an Overwatch Match?


Overwatch competitive mode is totally different from overwatch in quick play mode. The people are going to be salty, they try and you are going to be ostracised if you don’t want to try with them.

And it ought to be like that. Please do not destroy the game for the other 5 players who are going there TO WIN and cancel the queue if you go to a fast play mode (“I play for fun”). In QP, it’s what it’s like, you can have your fun.

This guide is for you who want to go up the ranks. The opposing people who want to see the ranks grow and expand are seeking to do it. The manual addresses nearly entirely economic regulations, values, strategies and advantages.

Winning is classified as four major factors:

  • BASICS – you know how ranked points and tiers work, why some people get more points than you do, what is Elo and MMR
  • STRATEGY – you have at least basic knowledge about team composition, plans of attack / defense, what is meta
  • PSYCHOLOGY – you understand how your mentality and behavior affects your chances to win and your & your teammates’ gameplay
  • TEAMPLAY – you know how to lead when nobody is able to, how not to tilt your team, how to communicate


How Big is Overwatch Compared to Other Esports

When it came to 2018, Blizzard said there were over 40 million players and over a billion dollars of sales between sales as well as micro-transactions. This has made it very popular in the sporting world.

In its early stages, Overwatch is referred to as the next major sport that is distinctly different from other shooting games such as CSGO and Call of Duty by many experts.

A maximum prize pool of $300,000 was held six months after their launch at an Overwind Open tournament. Earlier in the year, Blizzard hosted a World Cup Overwatch, in which teams served their respective regions and countries by public votes. The tournament has become an annual event.

In the same format, the Overwatch League was developed as the League of Legends esport tournaments, but rather than the promotion and dismissal aspect adopted by Riot Games and the League of Legends, it followed a professional sport league format.

A total prize pool of $3.5 m was launched last year at the Overwatch League. A million dollars were won by the top team at the well-named Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California, and the final was won. Season 1 champions of London Spitfire.

However, since 2012, CSGO has been there and Counter-Strike has been in other iterations as a franchise for many years before. The number of players and prize pots can be smaller than CSGO.

In comparison, Overwatch is very new in the esport scene, only in its third year of release, and has already won a large worldwide follow-up with esport finals held in large stadiums with thousands of viewers.

How to Bet on Overwatch – Understanding Odds and Betting Types

How to Bet on Overwatch League

You need to put a lot of effort into studying the esport to gamble and bet successfully on eSports and description in general. That means studying gaming, characters, meta and the various teams and players in particular.

By observing VODs or streams from Overwatch League, it is also a good start to build up a lot of free overview knowledge. Also, a great tournament is the Overwatch World Cup 2017. In fact, when you see any interest, it is always good to read a bit and gain betting tips.

It is important to emphasise the tactics, strengths and weaknesses of the various teams when doing this.

In placing bets it is also very important to consider the match format. Okay, so we get the squad that one’s a little better than the other. Perhaps we predict your 65 percent chance at all. Nevertheless, if the game style is the best of three and there is no need for us to re-evaluate the chance of winning on the charts, the scoreboards are about 72%. Does the price of odds represent a real picture of our predictions or can we hope to profit? Do we have to look at odds? If it doesn’t, wait for better odds or other game, trust your analysis.

It is important to select the right bookmaker for you when you have gathered enough knowledge to make informed decisions. In our curated Overwatch betting sites guide you can see ratings, rewards and more. You can also find our Betway esports review among other esports betting reviews.

As can be seen, Overwatch esports ‘ forms of betting are fairly straightforward and close to the available options at betting sites for many other esport names. The game currently has less than one advertising market in other popular esports such as CS: GO or Dota 2, where you can bet on more specific results like which team is the first killer or which team is the first to get a map.