Hearthstone Betting Sites

Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectable card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Due to its connections with the existing lore of the Warcraft series, Hearthstone has gotten very popular over the years, managing to gain quite the following on the esports scene.

While not as big as World of Warcraft itself, Hearthstone esports tournaments get a good amount of attention from all kinds of fans. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the game has developed quite the community of gamblers as happens with any sport. In turn, the growing number of people who enjoy Hearthstone betting has led to the creation of many esports betting sites that let users bet on Hearthstone matches.

If you happen to love Hearthstone and would like to test your knowledge or gain a little cash on the side by making wagers on matches, read on. We’ll guide you through the colorful world of Hearthstone betting sites.

Below you can find a list of the best Hearthstone betting sites around today:

  • MrPlay Esports
  • 888Sport
  • Bet365
  • Betsafe
  • Sportsbet.io
  • Rivalry
  • Betsafe


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How We Determine the Best Hearthstone Betting Sites

There are hundreds of Hearthstone betting sites out there that we had to go through, and each of them had to be analyzed individually. However, our job was made a lot easier by having some factors we use to judge how good a site really is. Let’s go through three of the most important.

Great Web Design

One of the markers we look at to decide how good a site is is web design. While this may seem shallow, there are a few good reasons for this. The effort put into creating a good web page suggests an operator’s desire to create a flawless experience for their customers.

When a website is designed well, with an attractive color scheme and a navigable layout, it heavily influences how much you’ll like using it. With this in mind, we made sure to choose only the most good-looking and user-friendly sites we could find.

Reliable Customer Support

Sticking to the theme of good user experiences, something we felt was crucial to being able to maintain a good time with any given website is customer support. You should be able to easily contact the website’s support team through a variety of means. Not only that, but when you do contact them, they should respond in good time frames, with helpful information.

So, when choosing sites for our list, we made sure that we’d consider sites with features like a 24/7 live chat, a detailed FAQ section, and customer service reps reachable by phone and/or email.

Generous and Consistent Bonuses Offers

Bonuses play an important part in any bettor’s experience on online sites. They can increase your potential for betting by a lot and this can also increase your potential for winning. Therefore, we made sure that the sites we chose for our list would give users the chance to claim generous bonuses that could add real value to their wallets.

Not only that, but we tried to focus, as well, on sites that give bonuses consistently, and don’t just stop after the first welcome offer.

Hearthstone Esports Bonuses

Any online gambling platform worth its salt can see the value of offering esports welcome bonuses. As operators depend on user activity, they’re always looking for ways to attract more new users to their sites and keep long-time users hooked. Thus, the best websites invest a lot into offering generous bonuses. Here are some of the most popular bonus types you’ll find at the best Hearthstone betting sites.

Deposit Matches

The first bonus you’re going to come across as a noob to an Esports betting site is always going to be the welcome bonus. Every website offers them, and they’re usually 50-100% matches of your first deposit up to a certain limit.

For example, you can have a 100% deposit match up to $100. This means that if you deposit $100 or less, the website will double the amount in your account by sending you the equivalent of your deposit as extra funds. If you deposit more than $100, you only stand a chance to gain a maximum of $100 in bonus funds.

Risk-Free Bets

The other kind of welcome bonus you may come across is the risk-free bet. If you get one of these, what it means is basically that the website will refund your money up to a stated limit if the first bet you make loses. Similar to deposit matches, better sites will tend to offer more generous rewards, the higher the amount you can bet risk-free on your first wager, the better the website you’re on.

On-going Promotions

After receiving your first welcome bonus, you may feel grateful for that extra boost to your betting budget, but that should not be it. The best websites don’t only reward you immediately after signing up; they often offer a range of many other potential gifts and rewards that you can claim by being active.

This may mean certain win bonuses given for fans of particular sports. It may mean free bet credits once in a while. It may mean risk-free bets. Practically anything to make your wagering a little more worthwhile.

Hearthstone Betting Markets

Not very many operators offer Hearthstone betting as part of their esports options due to how niche of a sport it is. Though it’s not the most popular, Hearthstone does bring a good number of dedicated fans to esports betting websites, and so they have to provide a range of betting markets. To help you get started, this section will cover some of the betting markets you can possibly opt into as a Hearthstone bettor.

Match Winner

One of the safest bets there is, this betting market is great for beginners. All you have to do is look at the two competitors, consider things like odds, match history, their strengths, and their weaknesses. After gathering all the information you need, decide who you think will win the match and place your bet.

Tournament Winner

Tournament winner betting markets, also known as futures markets, can only be placed before your chosen Hearthstone event starts. As the name suggests, you have to predict the winner of the whole tournament, which makes it a step up in difficulty from the match-winner market. This one is not recommended for the inexperienced as it requires extensive knowledge about all the players competing and how they compare to each other.

Special Bets

Special bets give you the option to bet on various scenarios that can come to pass in a match but won’t affect the outcome. An example is you can bet on which specific cards will appear during the match, which player will complete an in-match task first, and many other different options.

Hearthstone Betting Sites Tips

While gambling is an often heavily chance-based activity, there are ways to minimize your risk and ensure you win more often than you lose. Below, we’ll give your 4 expert tips to help you make better Hearthstone bets.

Learn As Much as You Can About Hearthstone

As you would if you were going to start betting on any sport, the first step should be making sure your level of knowledge is as comprehensive as possible. This will help you acquire great insights as far as different in-game scenarios you can base your wagers on and maximize your chances of winning.

So, use all of the resources you have at your disposal and learn as much about Hearthstone as you can. Watch YouTube videos, read online articles, play the game and watch plenty of matches to boost your knowledge.

Choose a Quality Website to Bet From

Other people might overlook the importance of your choice in a betting website, but we definitely recommend that you choose your site wisely. The betting platform you register with can affect the odds you get, the range of betting markets you have available to you, and what kind of bonuses you have at your disposal. Thus, it’s important to carefully browse through our list and select the right site with the right features for you.

Learn About the Players

In any sport, you want to be familiar with the people you’re going to be betting on. Do your research about who the best Hearthstone players are, their methods for staying on top, and how they like to play the game.

Watching streamers can be a good way to pick up some knowledge about good gamers, but many of the elite talent tends to be very lowkey. So, you want to make sure you go the extra mile to find information about someone you saw win a tournament or a few matches at the top level.

Watch Your Progress

A good rule of thumb for long-term gambling success is to record all of your bets. Do not want to overlook the benefits of keeping records of your wins and losses. These records can give you good ideas about which of your bets are winning or losing more often.

You then improve as a bettor and start placing more accurate wagers. Your records should include the kinds of bets you placed, when you bet, how much you bet, the odds of the match, and more. Also, note who you bet on and why you thought they’d win.

Popular Hearthstone Esports Leagues

Just like in traditional sports, most esports have leagues in which different regional teams or players compete for dominance. In this article, we’ll focus on the 4 most prestigious normal leagues, the top Hearthstone players compete in.


In the silver league, we have players like Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Tauren Warrior, Questing Adventurer, Warsong Commander, and Lorewalker Cho, Zul’jin was at number 1 at the time of writing.


In the gold league, we have players like Millhouse Manastorm, Eviscerate, Gadgetzan Auctioneer, and Khadgar. Grommash Hellscream is at number 1


In the Platinum league, we have players like Ancient of Lore and Siamat. Deathwing tops the league.


The diamond league is currently the most elite level for Hearthstone players. Here you’ll find players like King Togwaggle and Madame Lazul. The Innkeeper topped the Diamond League at the time we put together this guide.

Live Hearthstone Betting

Our website collects all the best Hearthstone sites. We understand that players want to enjoy the action as it happens. We, therefore, take special care to include sites that offer live betting, which is basically the ability to bet on your favorite sports while matches are in progress.

Live betting allows you to take advantage of changing game circumstances to make more solid bets, and can therefore help you win more often. The demand for this great feature seems to be constantly growing due to how useful it is to bettors. That’s why we’ve decided to share a list here of the best live betting sites for Hearthstone in 2021.

Final Thoughts

While Hearthstone might not have as big a following as World of Warcraft, it certainly is fairly popular. This shows in the growing number of sites that offer Hearthstone betting opportunities. If you’re interested in betting on Hearthstone matches, we hope having read this far has left you with some valuable knowledge you didn’t have before.

You should now know what to look for in a good betting site, the kinds of bonuses there are, some tips for more successful gambling, as well as a little about betting markets. The betting sites on our list are some of the best on the market and will help you enjoy your gambling experience a lot more. We wish you good luck as you delve further into the wonderful world of Hearthstone gambling.

If Hearthstone is not the betting site for you, we also offer loads of other dedicated pages, including one for DOTA 2 betting sites.