Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 details revealed with ‘Scrapyard’

The Tencent Games in a Reddit blog post launched Season 3 for COD Mobile today. A new Battle Pass and additional contents for multiplayer, fight Royale and zombies will be included in the third iteration for the hit mobile title.

Another part of that content is the popular Scrapyard Modern Warfare 2 game, which will come in a new season multiplayer. A new mode for multiplayer and tons of challenges are also available for every aspect of COD Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 will be released in mid-January, although it is not known the exact date and time.

COD Mobile has gone great with the community during the first two seasons. While the loot crates and bugs were hit, the general consensus was positive. For viewers of Season 3, aspirations are therefore very high.

However, not much is important when an update features the Scrapyard map. Users have long anticipated this arrival as one of the most loved cartoons in the history of Call of Duty. Here’s what COD Mobile said about the debut of Scrapyard:

Second, Scrapyard. The classic 3-lane Modern Warfare 2 map is recreated in this manner! It is a medium-sized map which offers plenty of possibilities and promises plenty of action for close combat. This will be Season 3’s first multiplayer map.

The brand new multiplayer mode, Rapid Fire, is also coming with Scrapyard. Players with unlimited mumbling and pickles are fitted with speed-up operator skills in this fast ride experience. Looks like Rapid Fire is going to be great on the game’s smaller charts.

Moreover, fans can look forward to a new Battle Pass and general arms balancing and bug corrections. This change will arrive in the next week or so as stated earlier.