Fortnite Twitter Data Miner Leads Fans to New Map

A Fortnite ‘Data Miner’ that leaks his mines on Twitter has shared evidence of a potential new map coming to Fortnite Season 11.

It is known that Epic Games introduced heavy adjustments to the Fortnite map. In fact, it is something that the studio does every season to improve the overall gameplay experience. Now, on the basis of a leak, it looks that the game gets a new map–a massive one.

The leak is the grace of the famous Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi. He thinks that he found proof that “a new map” is coming. The data miner issued the notification via Twitter and published a list of the names of new locations that might reach the game map.

These nominal similarities could likely be referred to in the next phase of the new Fortnite season. Because rifts were introduced in season 10, old places could return to the game in an entirely different shape. In particular, Weeping Woods could be either a past or a future Wailing Woods version.

Although this seems to be an interesting scenario, from now on it is all speculation. Things could be different, particularly since Epic Games has not announced anything official. However, the plan for the developers to change the map is interesting to see. And if Lucas7yoshi has real evidence that heavily changes are coming into the game then it’s safe to say that. Only time will tell, as far as I know exactly what this will be.