Epic Games announces Fortnite Season 11 layout

Epic Games has highlighted a big shift to the layout for the next edition of the Fortnite Championship series, with the participants taking part in the four-player tournament instead of the trio of the Season X.

The tour planners announced that during the Epic’s September 22 stream, preceding the end of Season X’s latest sequence, the Fortnite Battle Royale competition is shifting from normal trio to four-player mode.

“You better find yourself a fourth for your trios because squads will compete for the next round of FNCS,” broadcast Zeke Zekimus Mateus, revealed when it was finished on broadcast of the Championship Series.

This shift in squad composition occurs after five seasons of Season X, and ends with the standard trio scheme of Fortnite.

In the late stages of the competition, a guest from Twitch stars like Turner’ Tfue’ Tenney, Dennis ‘ Cloak ‘ Lepore and Thomas ‘ 72hrs’ Mulligan ran, although this top-class trio took their distinct way to the final with a dispute of over $140,000.

In the European national finals Tschiinken, MackWood and yung were declared winners of the North American East while Tschiinken, Stompy and Aqua won. Overall, this week’s Regional Cup championship was asserted by seven trios.

Epic’s approaching shift has also been well known by some FNCS teams. Kyle’s Bugha’s World Cup Solo winner, Giersdorf, demonstrated that he was one of the’ fashionable’ players who would compose his 4-player team minutes after the formal revelation for next championship.

Bugha verified his competition alongside the royal Epiks ‘ titles alongside the Fortnite star, Williams ‘ Zaytt ‘ Aubin, Rocco ‘ Saf ‘ Morales, and a fresh recruit Stretched.

The response to Epic’s bombshell announcement was combined throughout social media, many showing concern over the turmoil of four-player squads and the stress on the server that can be caused by the additional team members.

“You just could say this evening how lagged it was when you were observing the trios, that in the teams will be much worse,” one Reddit supporter said. “I just liked to see Duos a lot more than Trios to be honest, can not see that I wouldn’t touch any other with teams.” However, not all of that was doomed and dumb, some participants being thrilled by the format change next semester.”

Whether supporters are interested or not, this would contribute in the close future to some interesting new group designs and to good support for exciting events on FNCS TV–precisely what Epic is probable to want to maintain its competitive landscape cool?” “It’s flame indeed,” you said while others started to formulated teams, which they would enjoy to see, “OG Liquid kindly.”