End of Fortnite: ‘Fortnite black hole’ appears on Twitter

Fortnite servers are still down after the massive live event ‘The End’ yesterday.

During that event, a rocket was launched by the mysterious Visitor, who then plummeted into the sky causing several rifts. It fired a number of smaller missiles that all converged over Dusty Depot and basically swallowed up the comet.

The purpose of this was to change the trajectory of the comet. Apparently, landing on Dusty was never intended. The real goal was Loot Lake. The comet and all those missiles appeared in the sky moments later, emerging from a new rift over Loot Lake and the sphere that has been floating there since the end of Season 9.

Once the comet burst through the Loot Lake barrier and came into contact, the whole world was swallowed up into the Vault. Then all went black and nothing but a black hole left us.

The black hole remains this morning as Epic keeps quickening the absence of the player. In the channel, there are even hidden, coded messages. Yet servers stay down and when they start, there’s no official word.

Nevertheless, at the moment there are two competing theories. The first is that this afternoon the game is going to go online. This is focused on Chinese dataminers starting from Season 11 with 4:05 pm ET.

Previously, it looked like Season 11 might not be going live until Tuesday morning, based on the Fortnite website software, but now that code shows 4 am ET this coming Thursday, October 17th–the day of the week that usually marks the start of a season or a weekly challenge. That would be downtime and loss of income for days, and it seems incredibly unlikely.

Then again, we’re talking about Epic Games. They made out of this game a boatload of money and are willing to take some chances. Keeping Fortnite offline for the best part of a week will surely keep people talking and wondering and on their toes. It would definitely be pretty surprising, but I wouldn’t put it past them.