Championship Season 11 for Fortnite Championship Series in squads, not trios

Epic Games has announced that it will play in four-player squads for the next season of the Fortnite Championship Series.

After the conclusion of the final series of Season 10, broadcast host Zeke “Zekimus” Mateus announced that for the upcoming season, the battle royale competition will dissect the trio format.

The inaugural FNCS recently concluded in seven different regions after five weeks of online competition. The European region’s winners, Yan “fwexY” Kaur, Mark “letw1k3” Danilov, and Domeniks “Domentos” Bunts, walked away with $96,000, the prize pool’s largest share.

Most of the reaction to the change in format has been around the potential lagging issues. Several pros expressed their disappointment with the servers, and the community rallied around these claims.

The ability to find another player to add to their team also concerned players. The Fortnite World Cup duo format remains one of the viewers ‘ most popular formats.

With squads, pooling top-tier talent into a single team is now even more likely, thus increasing the skill gap between tier one and two teams. In addition, in the face of such overwhelming odds, it will be almost impossible for a solo player to execute a clutch play.

For their flagship championship series, Epic is still experimenting with formats and will probably continue to adjust the formula as the competition continues. Regardless of the format, there is always an opportunity to take our breath away from some top drawer play, and it could lead to unexpected team compositions. Fans will at least know that Epic is actively trying out new things, leading to Fortnite’s fresh competitive scene.