9.10 patch arrives in Fortnite

It seem like Epic Games just can’t stop to take/steal ideas from one of it biggest battle royale rival, Apex Legends. Fortnite, first copped the Reboot Van feature, one of the best innovations of Apex. Now with the  9.10 update they are about to launch the Hot Spots feature in the game. The update also bring a Limited Time Mode called Downtown Drop which is inspired by their collaboration with Air Jordan. Yet this mode will be only available in the creative mode. This update includes tons of new stuff and changes, so lets have comprehensive at what we will get in v9.10.

Hot Spots now in-game

If by any chances, you had time to play Apex Legends, then you will surely know about the Hot Spots. In each games, there is a random marked area which hold higher tier loot compared to other locations. This idea was primarily introduced by Apex, yet it seems like Fortnite is having a go at it as now you will get at most three spot with rare weapons.

The Hot Spots also host Loot Carriers which dop more rare weapons and ammo. There are about 13-16 Loot Carriers for every Hot Spot. Yet their downside is that these areas are marked on the map so everyone loves to pursue them. With this risk comes high rewards and we will love to see how this feature will workout in Fortnite. We should remind you that EPic has not made any statements regarding this mechanic will be featured in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Downtown Drop arrives in Fortnite

The update also welcomes a new LTM mode in the game, the Downtown Drop. It will be available to play in the Creative Mode after the update. The mode brings the memories of old school Sonic where players will race against each other. During the race, players can boost their chances of victory by making huge jumps. As you race, you will have to pick up coins, the player with the most coins at the end of the race will win!

This mode is a great way to change the pace of Fortnite, from a general shooter to a classic racing game.  We should tell you that, this mod will only last for a week, so you spend as much time as possible. The update also brings new skins for the players. It also hosts a new challenger pack and a new Hang Time Bundle.

Other patch changes

Other big changes in the patch include major audio fixes. The developer has tried to address maximum complaints which included not hearing enemy footsteps and glitches with landing cues. They have included new audio feature which includes sound for breaking shields and headshots. That’s all for the v9.10 patch! Lets see if these audio changes and fixes will improve Ninja’s chances of qualification for the Fortnite World Cup.