Best Fortnite Betting Sites

Fortnite has been one of the most popular games throughout 2020 and 2021, and tournaments have now caused a surge of wagers, and we’ve compiled the best Fortnite betting sites and we regularly update this list using our reviews and research.

Reviewing and Rating the Best Fortnite Betting Sites

As far as popularity goes, Fortnite is an undisputed kingpin within the multiplayer domain. Unless you live under a rock, then you’ve probably bumped into the game sometime in your life, be it intentionally or otherwise. If you’re contemplating on joining this craze, our team has identified the best Fortnite betting sites, giving prominence to the following aspects:

Licensing and Security

At the opening gates of distinguished Fortnite betting, tournaments are heavy security protocols to safeguard the interests of participating members. Before all else, punters ought to uncover the operator’s legitimacy and licensing agreement. Failure to do so exposes them to cybercrime and threats. The next step is to monitor the security measures that keep sensitive data away from the prying eyes of fraudsters. A first-class bookie employs the latest security measures, including a top of SSL encryption software. Furthermore, there should be a section dedicated to Responsible Gaming where punters struggling with gambling addiction can seek assistance.


With Fortnite growing into a billion-dollar empire, a new trend that’s appreciated by every e-sports junkie out there has arisen. Bonuses and promos have become the norm, having been adopted by almost every bookie in the market. As expected, some operators tend to be more generous than others, and so present an added advantage that you wouldn’t find from the average betting hub. Given this status quo, we explore the reward system in several letter-perfect bookies to emerge with outstanding 10 recommendations for your enjoyment.

Customer Support

Nothing is worse than compromising a winning hand due to a faulty customer support system. Yet, customer support is often overlooked until a piece of bad luck strikes. It’s always advisable

to ensure all bases are covered by browsing through the operator’s crisis management protocol. In this framework, our benchmark consists of at least four communication channels, including live chat, telephone, e-mail, and a detailed FAQ section. Thanks to the popularity of social media networks, only Fortnite betting sites with fully functional accounts make it to the top of our list. Above all else, our top 10 recommendations have been tried and proven to have commendable response times.

Fortnite Esports Bonuses

Boasting an ever-growing audience of more than 250 million users, Fortnite presents an enormous stream of revenue for online gaming operators. With billions of dollars up for grabs, Fortnite betting sites have adopted bonuses and promos as a strategy to gain a competitive edge. Consequently, there are endless possibilities to lift the stakes!

Welcome Bonus/ New Users Bonus

It all begins when you step into the animated atmosphere when a sleek combination of free plays and bonus cash clicks into place, representing the e-sports factory. Characteristic of all top e-sports trading hubs, bettors are awarded a welcome bonus package to kick off a fruitful pilgrimage. Depending on the betting site, there may be free plays or bonus cash for the taking. If luck is on your side, you may find yourself on a sports betting website that offers both options. Note that welcome bonuses are always attached to T&Cs that determine qualifying bets. So, take care to follow these regulations and be on the winning side.

In-stream betting offers

Welcome bonuses have been a customary practice and their allure is now somewhat diminished. To fuel sports betting sites to the top of the ladder are in-stream betting offers – unique to only a handful of operators. In-stream betting offers are designed to deliver an added advantage to what is considered a cut-throat market. Moreover, e-sports punters tend to be smarter when it comes to betting markets, therefore, go for a site that presents more chances of winning. Not only do in-stream betting packages deliver endless winning opportunities, but a refreshing breeze to balance out the overall experience.

Loyalty Rewards/Old Users Bonus

The e-sports betting scene is in a state of flux, with much focus being bestowed upon the flagship – Fortnite. For this reason, veterans are awarded the best rewards for sticking to the game and betting on the same sites. Most often than not, you’ll find regular bonuses comprising daily, weekly, or weekend free play/cashback. For the selected punters that earn a badge of loyalty, the gaming experience is elegant to encompass luxurious vacations, VIP tickets to exclusive events, and increased withdrawal limits. You also get personalized customer support and a whole lot more!

Fortnite Betting Markets

Despite being the greatest e-sports title in the industry, there aren’t as many specialty betting markets for Fortnite. Yet, the ones that exist boast spiraling celebrity that dominates the entire industry. Below is an exploration of the most sought-after Fortnite betting markets for the obsessed gamer.

First Blood

From a glance, first blood bets have all the hallmarks of a simple-minded game. Here, predictions are straightforward and punters choose the player to make the first kill. Bets are typically placed before the onset of the match. First Blood is characterized by thrilling wins, hence their popularity in the e-sports gaming scene. However, this doesn’t come without a catch. Fortnite tournaments are known for their chaotic nature, and the first few seconds can be brutal. It’s almost impossible to predict who’ll splash the first blood. Still, if you’re lucky enough to nail it right, then you’re up for a treat.

Overall Match Duration

As you’ve probably guessed from the title of the bet, this type of market closely resembles over/under where you predict whether the match will be longer or shorter than a specific timeframe. While this sounds like a walk in the park, it couldn’t be further from reality. E-sports are unlike any other sporting event, and so predicting the scoreline can be a challenge. As such, overall match duration bets call for extensive research and seeking advice from experts. Bets are typically placed at any time, be it’s during the tournament or well in advance. A lot can happen before the event, so it’s best to place your bet closest to the day of the tournament, or even during the match.

Player Kill Counts

Ranking at the top of the ladder for die-hard Fortnite fans is player kill counts, a complex specialty betting market. In this market, punters predict the total number of kills to be made by a specific character. Assuming you go for Tfue, the task is to accurately determine his overall kill count in the tournament. Owing to the complexity of bets, player kill counts hold the highest market value. So, it’s definitely worth your time and money.

Fortnite Betting Sites Tips

Fortnite is rumored to have struck gold the past year, rallying around 30 billion dollars. To earn a piece of the pie, don’t just bet willy-nilly. A sound betting strategy goes a long way to boost your odds of winning. With this in mind, we’ve gathered tried and tested Fortnite betting tips, so you can focus on reaping the rewards.

Keep an eye on e-sports betting writers and gamers

To carve out a spot on the winning side, pay close attention to expert writers. Moreover, strictly follow gamers themselves on sites like Twitch. Take note of each player’s skill, the total number of kills per game, how long it takes to spill the first blood, and the total number of times they “go down”.

Get a firm grasp of the game and team formats

Don’t get carried away with the flash of excitement. Make sure to learn and understand how Fortnite is played before putting your money on the line. Also, get a firm grasp of the possible betting markets and participating teams. While you don’t have to study every team, make sure to follow your favorite player/duo on Twitch or YouTube. After acquiring basic tools, you can go ahead and dip your toes in the lucrative experience.

Be well-disciplined

Although it’d different from traditional sports, the same principles that apply to standard sports bets work across to Fortnite betting tournaments. So, take all considerations you’d otherwise make on traditional sports. Practice discipline and restraint, as chasing losses only lead to a losing streak.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Cushion your losses and boost your chances to strike it lucky using bonuses and promotions. Gambling is a high-risk adventure, so it’s always a good idea to take on promos as a way of increasing your winning odds.

Choose the best Fortnite betting sites

When it comes to bookmakers, uniformity doesn’t exist. Every operator is looking for ways to stand apart from the competition, thus, some sites are superior. In this light, make sure to align yourself with the best Fortnite betting sites and boost your chances of winning. Thanks to our reviews, you won’t have to do the heavy lifting. Simply read through and choose the best site for you.

Popular Fortnite Esports Leagues

As alluded to time and again, Fortnite is still in its infancy and this limits the number of markets and similarly, leagues. However, the list appears to be growing daily which is quite promising. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent Fortnite e-sports leagues.

Cash Cup

This is a regional tournament designed for gamers with ambitions to play professionally. The sporting event spans several weeks and the winners take home a generous amount of cash. Since its inception, the event is has grown exponentially and is currently in its 8th season.

Fortnite Champion Series

The flagship of the game launches qualifying professional teams to the battlegrounds where they fight for the championship. The tournament offers unimaginable rewards to victors. Since it’s the

biggest e-sport league, punters also get to enjoy a piece of the pie, thanks to amazing giveaways on offer.

Fortune World Cup

This is an annual event that sees players and punters coming together to witness the greatest Fortnite teams battle it out for the top spot. World Cup events include Format, Solos, Duos, Creative Cup, Pro-Am, and many others.

What Fortnite Sites Offer Live Betting?

While Fortnite boasts a meteoric rise to prominence, the game is still in its early years of development. For this reason, finding an operator that offers live betting, beyond Twitch streams and YouTube is anything but a walk in the park. Most bookies over-simplify things and don’t pay much attention to in-stream betting. Nonetheless, we ravaged the digital streets in search of Fortnite live betting houses, and needless to say, we came out triumphant.

Fortnite Betting Sites Final Thoughts

It’s easy to lose oneself in the volcanic battlegrounds and land on a mediocre website that will drain you of the zeal of e-sports betting and run you dry financially. That’s why we emphasize aligning yourself with the best Fortnite betting sites in the market. Not only will you have the best seat in the house, but you’ll be guaranteed lucrative gameplay away from the grasps of online scammers. To deliver a trustworthy list of high-ranking Fortnite betting sites, our team of experts took the internet, where they played extensively, measuring various aspects of the sites, against stringent benchmarks. So, if you’re looking for a highly rewarding yet entertaining experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Do read through our reviews and give us your thoughts.