Esports platform ‘Ultimate Tournament’ joins ESIC

Ultimate Tournament eSportbook, an esports betting company, joined Esports Integrity Committee (ESIC) as the latest backer of anti-corruption.

ESIC membership will help the Commission to investigate suspect betting activity throughout its platform. The last tournaments will be held. The Company will further support ESIC in its efforts to combat match-fixing and sports fraud.

The Last Turnier ESportsbook is a white-label sports platform with betting odds and community functionality.

“Esports are undeniably a quickly growing sector and, like a gaming operator based in the USA, match integrity and client protection are of the greatest importance to us,” stated Alex Pickett, Co-founder and CEO of Ultimate Tournament.

“We believe that it is essential to work together as an industry to establish standards for fair play and universally enforce these standards in order for sports to develop and for consumers to enjoy the safe experience they deserve. We’re glad we can collaborate with ESIC and take part in the battle against match fraud and assist drive sports to the next level!”

The company joins in a number of data suppliers and tournament operators joining ESIC to detect cheating, match-fixing and wagering fraud, including Cyber.Bet, Oddin, Midnite, Parimatch, Betway, Rivalry, Sky Bet and UniKrn.

“We are very glad to welcome the Ultimate Tournament as an ESIC Anti-Corruption Supporter, Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner, said. Our supporters of anti-corruption play a crucial role in deterring fraud and fraud in our betting efforts.

“We have shown our resolve to play our role with regard to the preservation of the integrity of sports at the end of ESIC’s competition. We look forward to collaborating with Ultimate Tournament to investigate suspicious betting and reduce sports fraud.”

Recently, ESCI has discovered 42 people guilty of betting infringements relating to official matches on the ESEA matchmaking platform. The players have been prohibited from attending up to 60 months of the ESCI partner events.