What Can We Expect From The Future of eSports?

Whatever you think about the potential future of eSports, forget it. Why you ask? Well, because it’s going to be way bigger than anything you can imagine. It is almost humorous the way many people still view and talk about eSports. For a large proportion of individuals, eSports is still just “that computer thing that is getting kinda popular”. Many are shocked when they learn the truth.

According to statistics, the global eSports market revenue will reach an estimated 1.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. When we consider that the market was valued at just over 950 million U.S. dollars in 2020, we can easily put in perspective how rapidly the industry is growing. And trust us, this growth trend is not showing any signs of slowing, in fact, we predict that it will only increase in speed. So now that the facts and figures have been laid down, let’s take a look at what we can expect from the future of eSports…

It Will Go Global

When it comes to actual revenue, North America and Asia are home to the two largest eSports markets. And when we say it is beyond popular in China, we mean that it accounts for almost one-fifth of the market on its own.

It is only a matter of time before eSports goes global in a big way, and in many ways, it already has. We can see this in how it is becoming more and more available online, including on snabbareodds.com, and ultimately, the more accessible it is, the more people hear about, the bigger it will become.

It Will Hit the Back Pages

The back pages of newspapers are normally reserved for sports and while it may surprise people, eSports players are legally considered athletes. The more popular it becomes, especially in Europe, the sooner we will start to see eSports hit the back pages.

It Will Strike Streaming Deals

We predict that it is not long before major entertainment broadcasters, as well as large streaming services, begin battling it out for the rights to stream eSports events. Once we tell you that an estimated 646 million people will be watching eSports in 2023, we don’t see you disagreeing.

It Will Go to the Olympics

This is perhaps our boldest prediction and while it may take time to be accepted, we firmly believe that we will see some form of eSports in the Olympic Games. Thanks to exponential growth, the world is changing and adopting technology at an incredible rate. 

For many purists, the thought of eSports at the Olympics will seem unimaginable but remember that the further into the future we get, the more normal it will feel. It won’t be long until the entirety of the people making this decision will be digital natives. 

The world is changing, people are changing, our opinions are changing and ultimately, technology and eSports are not just here to stay, they are here to takeover!