Rumors suggest GGIntel to rebrand to ‘GG Recon’ after Intel legal battle

GGIntel’s Esports publication is due to be rebranded by GGRecon, according to EsportsInsider, following a legal battle with American corporation Intel.

The decision was made publicly public by Chris Young, GGIntel’s Managing Director on 6 February.

According to a note sent to employees, the organisation “was fighting with the giants of’ intel’ about our branding and rebranding,” but found that “the bags are far too large” to hold up the case.

After legal consultation, the company is changing its branding. The message later explains that those behind the brand had indeed “gone through the legal process” before the launch, but branding is “a very grey area that is unpredictable.” “In this connexion, we have been passing through trademark lawyers and are glad to proceed.”

In January, it was announced that Fred Done, co-founderof Betfred, had invested in GGIntel. Financial conditions have not been revealed.