Riot Games Have Announces The Cities To Host LoL Championship

Riot Games have recently just announced the destinations that will host the LoL (League of Legends) Word Championship that is due to take place within the later months of this year. The event is set to take place within the Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu and Shenzhen regions of China in the fall. The grand final will culminate on November 6th 2021, and it has been officially concluded that the Sports Centre in Shenzhen will host the huge final.

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 Moreover, to the news surrounding LoL, 2021 will be the third time ever that League of Legends has been held within the region of China. While the tournament was originally supposed to be held within North America this year, Riot had other plans to ensure that the event could follow through on the experience that fans were wanting, especially after the chaotic and crazy year that people all over the world have had.

 The tournament was only played in one location last year, within Shanghai. This year, however, will now not only see fans from multiple regions attend, but the COVID restrictions will also allow spectators to be in attendance, and get rid of the quiet atmosphere that befell the past season where no one was in attendance.

 The last time where we saw a normal setting within China, and the commencement of a fully-fledged tournament season within the location, was in 2017. The same locations were mirrored, with addition to Beijing. Therefore, this should certainly make fans and potential spectators super happy with the normality to hit the region and mirror that of the glorious past tournaments that have gone down before.


 We all long to see the return of in-person eSports, as the current vibe and setting has been rather dreary, and that has been super noticeable within past events where players have not been able to enjoy the energy and atmosphere that spectator fans bring to the venue in which tournaments are held. In fact, large tournaments such as this, have been showcased and played even from the homes of players, due to it being very possible with the digital world of eSports. It became a safer option for many of the players, due to the fact that many lived abroad and were in need of travelling to be in attendance. With the spread and transmission of the pandemic virus, it was not safe for many players to be allowed to travel in the midst of it all, making players have to miss out on that addicting energy that comes when playing.

 With the constant change to regulations and social guidelines, Riot Games have mentioned how they will keep updating the face-to-face rules upon a closure date to the competition day. However, a spokesman for the brand quoted how Riot Games are super confident on the commencement of the big day and were also super keen to get the full-capacity 60,000+ attendees as usual. While it will be a big push, the region of China hosting the large event has very low to almost no cases of the deadly virus, meaning if it can be managed efficiently leading up to fall, there is no reason to hope other than the large fuss and back to normal attendance.

 The World Championship organisers have also commented on how they have confidence with the vaccination procedures to date, and how that should all contribute to the ditching of the virtual tourneys. However, we would not be surprised to see a change in regulations and numbers, even just slightly, as it is all a numbers game, and we all know how they can just dramatically change overnight right?