PES Euro eSports Finals To Be Held In London 2020

Wembley Stadium is hosting next year’s final of Konami’s upcoming UEFA eEuro 2020 esports tournament.

Recently, the publisher announced its partnership with the bi-annual UEFA Euro 2020 football contest, which will see clubs from over 50 European nations featured in the video game eFootball PES 2020 launched on September 10.

FIFA is one of the most popular esports, especially for those who don’t want to kick around a ball physically. FIFA betting sites have launched campaigns with the PES Euro with Pinnacle partnering with PES Euro eSports.

The Euro 2020 content in the game is planned for release in spring 2020 as free downloadable content (DLC).

Then there will be 55 domestic teams of between two and four PES players representing their nation in the eEuro esports tournament. The tournament will start with this November’s qualifiers, Forbes reports.

The best teams will qualify for the Wembley Stadium finals in London from 9 to 10 July 2020. This will also take place at Wembley Stadium (on July 12th) a few days before the real Euro 2020 football final.

Europe 2020 winners will receive a monetary award and tickets for the final football.

“EFootball is performed by tens of millions of individuals across the continent and we are pleased to offer our domestic associations competitors the opportunity to represent their nation on the largest level,” said Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA Marketing Director.

“We’ve seen huge development in eFootball’s popularity over the previous few years and eEURO 2020 will offer us the chance to connect with fresh and current national football fans.” While PES has the UEFA Euro 2020 license, rival football player FIFA has a Champions League license that gives EA the chance to run their eChampions League esports tournaments.