Joshua Rogers at the top of the leaderboard after Imola win

Joshua Rogers from Australia has managed to take the lead due to winning the Autodromo internazionale in Imola. This lead of the sports Super cup, PESC has been most exciting and deserved by Rogers. Previously in 2019 PESC, Rogers was beaten by a very narrow lead from his arch rival Sebastian Job. For those of you that follow Esports religiously, you may be wondering where the best place would be to place your bets. Currently, Sportsbet caters to a large variety of sports and Esports tournaments. So, tune in and support Rogers, Sebastian and any other competing Esports drivers for yourself!

The British Red Bull Esports Jobs driver managed to take the lead with his virtual Porsche 911 GT3 and therefore finish with great lead, yet this was not the case for the main event with Rogers taking the lead, as unfortunately Jobs spun out of control and was no longer within the race track to continue and seize the win yet again. Mitchell DeJong took up three rounds of PESC being the leader, yet he fell back to second place due to scoring the twelve and seventh place within consecutive races that were to follow. 

Sebastian Job had managed to win the qualifying round, with three laps that had a gap of only 0.196 seconds in comparison to the winner Rogers, and that is what ultimately allowed him to score the first pole position for the sprint. The British racer held onto the lead, even after the star, however zacCampbell and Yohann Hearth and Alejandro Sanchez also were glued to Rogers bumper and were not far off from gaining a lead. Maximilian Benecke from the German racing team managed to gain 6th place from Charlie Collins, the British racer and Keven Jr. too. The points leader DeJong had a really bad start to his weekend, as he, unfortunately, landed a 15th place position qualifier which overall earned him a twelfth place within the cup.

The top eight within the race managed to jostle through nine laps and it was so tight of a two-second separation between the contenders. Even with no mistakes from Jobs, it would have been difficult to overtake Rogers. However, it was only due to Sanchez’s failure that made him fall back places, and thus Rogers being placed further up the leaderboard after the race. Rogers managed to pull out all the stops to overtake Harth and Beneke, and after the seventh lap, he snatched the lead and defended his position, right to the very end of the flag. Rogers is now in the lead with 198 points, and he has managed to make a huge gap between him and the next in line, Mitchell DeJong at 161 points. Unfortunately, Sebastian has fallen down to seventh place with 109 points. A once leading racer, has lost all momentum from a spin-off the racing track, which obviously did not allow him to finish at all.