Esports will be ‘larger than music and films industries’ claims Allied Esports CEO

This is the year when, according to Newzoo, one of the few study companies tightly monitoring such information, the worldwide industry for esports— competitive electronic gaming — will reach $1 billion in revenue for the first time. Newzoo initiatives 2019 are sporting income hitting $1.1 billion, up 26.7 percent from 2018, fueled by large products purchasing sponsorships and press privileges.

That’s still a small piece of the general market for computer games — Newzoo pegs up 9.6 points from 2018 at $152 billion in income for 2019.

But the development pace for esports, as you can see from those figures, is twice the level of the video game industry as a whole.

“There are 2.3 billion gamers worldwide, and as an sector, video gaming is already larger than combining songs and films,” claims Allied Esports CEO Frank Ng. “We’re planning to make esports the largest amusement type. Every editor in the globe is entering into this. “Allied Esports (AESE) is one of a few recent esports IPOs— it launched in August on the Nasdaq. The firm holds locations that hold sports tournaments, including the HyperX Esports Arena in the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel and two North America and Europe HyperX Esports Trucks. Allied Esports collaborated with Fortress Esports this week to launch Australia’s Fortress Melbourne, which will be the Southern hemisphere’s biggest sports arena.

Another IPO of this year’s sports was Super League Gaming (SLGG), which brings matches on professional sports.

Allied Esports has been down more than 20 percent since its launch, while Super League Gaming has been down more than 50 percent since its inception.

HyperX Esports Arena at The Luxor Las Vegas (photo via Allied Esports) HyperX Esports Arena at The Luxor Las Vegas (photo via Allied Esports) It goes without saying that Ng must be bullish in its own sector. And all his colleagues in the sector feel the same— they argue that esports just keep ballooning.

Many analysts look at the esports betting section, where the average age of an esports fan is 25, which suggest that the legal side of esports betting has already been developed. Esports betting sites across the planet are already innovating in many ways to enhance the esports industry.

But many onlookers see a bubble, which has been overstated already.

Speaking of an esports industry bubble Esports players charge millions to tournaments (operated by significant corporations like Activision Blizzard) to join, brands charge millions to support leagues, but most players, and most bigger sports businesses, do not make a profit. Frank Fields, patronage manager for gaming hardware manufacturer Corsair, informed video game platform Kotaku, “There’s a ton of cash getting in and not a bunch of cash heading out.” Kotaku, in his broad May tale of the probable sports bubble, revealed that 17 experts in the sports sector informed the internet that they had bubble issues, with some calling the sector “totally unsustainable.”

Corsair’s Fields even said at a gaming meeting on stage, “I feel like sports are almost operating a Ponzi scheme at this point.” Nevertheless, large commercial companies from Coca-Cola to Red Bull to Anheuser-Busch InBev to Intel have been spending a lot on sponsorships for sports. Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues CMO Daniel Cherry claims supporters are squeezed in because the public is old and international. He claims that for Activision Blizzard’s (ATVI) esport teams, 18-to 34-year-olds create up 90 percent of the crowd, and that section has risen 50 times year on year.

It’s not a bubble, claims Frank Ng.

“I don’t believe it’s a bubble if true members come in every day to play it,” he claims. “We should concentrate on the crowd. The teenage children are observing it. Every day, hundreds of millions of individuals watch — maybe not a official competition, but perhaps a competitive streamer… This is a giant industry’s very premature phase. We understand there’s going to be a enormous sector down the highway. This isn’t a bubble.